(Teacher will check/mark the material that has been covered)

Community services and helpers What people do (jobs)
Families & communities around the world Getting to know you games
Patriotic celebrations Shelters
World heroes Interdependence of people
Holidays and festivals: Easter, Passover, Christmas, Hanukkah
Our Food: Dairy and Bakery, Garden and Greenhouse, Markets and Stores

Useful and harmful animals Birds and insects in winter
How plants and animals get their food Plant reproduction
Weather and how it affects our earth Heat and temperature 
Air and atmosphere The sun, moon, earth and sky
Simple constellations, exploring space Gravity, magnets and forces
How animals protect themselves and their young - Animal babies
Seasons: the effects on people, animals, and plants

Write independently in manuscript form Compose brief and simple letters
Develop methods of word attack Using table of contents, index of book
Simple capitalization and punctuation What to alphabetize
Refine manuscript writing Use guide words in dictionary
How to study spelling Read silently for specific purposes
Listening skills Increase study skills 
Give simple book reviews Organize ideas and impressions
Use and meaning of quotation marks in reading
Dramatizations and interpretative oral readings

Know basic food groups Safety in the neighborhood
Dental hygiene Communicable diseases
Personal cleanliness Preventive measures against disease

Common measures of time, weight, length, liquid, and shape
Computers, keyboards, the internet & math and science games
Decimal numeration system Telling time and using the calendar
Addition and subtraction facts through 18 Count by fives to 50
Counting to 1000 Count by tens to 1000
Reading and writing numbers through 1000 Handling of money (coins)
Place value through hundreds One-step problem solving
Introduction to multiplication and division Using ordinal numbers through 10
Multiplication properties of zero and one Using sets and number facts

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A Report Card From Home to the School

In the world in which we live today, everything seems upside down. Millions of dollars are being spent each year on education.

  • Is the school your child attends and your School District making the grade?
  • Is your school and your School District meeting the challenge of high standards in academic excellence and setting solid boundaries to provide a safe learning environment for your student?
  • Has your student benefited from an outstanding program or superior instruction from an individual teacher?
  • As parents, there is a growing sense of concern when faced with the daily responsibility of providing for the needs of our children as students, in the society in which we live.
  • Do you know what your child is learning at each grade level?
  • Are your school districts providing a customer friendly environment for parents to come to with concerns?
  • Is there a partnership in communication or a break down in communication?
  • Do you feel funding changes need to be made to better serve our students?
  • Is your district doing all it can to provide a safe learning environment?
  • Is your district doing a good job of being accountable to the parents and children they serve?
  • Feel free to download the Report Card with Curriculum for each grade level below.  You can present it to your child's Teacher or the School your child attends or use it for your child's Home School curriculum guide.


    The above article and educational information is from the (extensive) research of Brenda High and is exclusive to  All rights reserved.


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