(Teacher will check/mark the material that has been covered)

Community helpers Kinds of careers
American Indians and pioneers Shelters of animals and people
Transportation today and yesterday Communication today and yesterday
sources of our food Some great Americans
Sources of our clothing Holidays and folk customs
Shelter Flat maps and the globe
History and development of the local community

How the face of the earth is changed Plants and animals of the desert
The atmosphere Plants and animals of the sea
Motions of the earth Life cycle of animals
Earth satellites, moon, and stars Common birds, trees, and flowers
Energy and its sources Forest plants
Sound Conservation of plants and animals
Weather and climate Ocean life
Rocks and soil Magnets and electricity
How animals serve man Great names in science

Reading prose and poetry aloud  Alphabetize through third letter
Report experiences aloud with accuracy Begin cursive writing
Write short original stories and poems Spelling
Develop methods of word attack Concept of paragraph
Develop dictionary & index skills Homonyms
Silent reading in increasing amounts and difficulty
Use period, comma, question mark, apostrophe, and quotation marks
Use common contractions, such as "can't," "aren't," and "doesn't"

Correct names for parts of the body Prevention and control of diseases
Simple first aid Care of eyes and ears
Proper balance of activities Safety in the community
Health with relation to food, shelter, and clothing

Division facts corresponding with multiplication facts
Count by twos, threes, and fours through 100
Numeration systems Multiplication facts through the sixes
Properties of one Division facts through the sixes
100 subtraction facts Distributive property of multiplication
Problem solving analysis Roman numerals through XII
Graphs, charts, & units of measurement Reading & writing numbers to 5 places
Two-step problems Simple fractions and equivalents
55 addition facts and their reverse facts Introduction to metric measurement

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A Report Card From Home to the School

In the world in which we live today, everything seems upside down. Millions of dollars are being spent each year on education.
  • Is the school your child attends and your School District making the grade?
  • Is your school and your School District meeting the challenge of high standards in academic excellence and setting solid boundaries to provide a safe learning environment for your student?
  • Has your student benefited from an outstanding program or superior instruction from an individual teacher?
  • As parents, there is a growing sense of concern when faced with the daily responsibility of providing for the needs of our children as students, in the society in which we live.
  • Do you know what your child is learning at each grade level?
  • Are your school districts providing a customer friendly environment for parents to come to with concerns?
  • Is there a partnership in communication or a break down in communication?
  • Do you feel funding changes need to be made to better serve our students?
  • Is your district doing all it can to provide a safe learning environment?
  • Is your district doing a good job of being accountable to the parents and children they serve?
  • Feel free to download the Report Card with Curriculum for each grade level below.  You can present it to your child's Teacher or the School your child attends or use it for your child's Home School curriculum guide.

    The above article and educational information is from the (extensive) research of Brenda High and is exclusive to  All rights reserved.

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