(Teacher will check/mark the material that has been covered)

Canada, Mexico, and South America Transportation and communication
Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa World trade
Relationships between nations Map reading skills
United Nations Reading charts and graphs
Countries and cultures of the Western Hemisphere
Our neighbors in Central America and the West Indies

Helpful and harmful insects Elements of sound
Improvement of plants and animals Light and heat
Classification of living things Equilibrium systems
Food for growth and energy Atom and nuclear energy
Microbes Inventions and discoveries
Algae and fungi Great names in science
Energy and simple machines Space and space travel
Climate and winter Ecology and environment
Motors and engines; heat engines Recycling of resources
Electricity and its uses Energy futures
Simple astronomy Conservation
Elementary geology Science on the Internet

Non language communication Work on speech errors and punctuation
creative prose (diary, stories) Vocabulary building; spelling
Extend dictionary skills Listening skills
Use reference material and indexes Reading silently and skimming
Types of literature Use of roots, prefixes, and suffixes
Sentence structure Bibliography building
Simple note taking Organization of a book
Write: letters, factual matter (newspaper article, reports), verse (limerick or ballad),
Concepts of noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, and adverb

Cure and prevention of common diseases The heart
The future of Health Medicine Safety and first aid
Facts on tobacco, alcohol, and narcotics Personal appearance
Our food supply Health maintenance
Great names in the field of health and medicine

Fundamental operations with compound denominate numbers
Relationship between common and decimal fractions
Multiply and divide common fractions and mixed numbers
Interpret and make bar, line, and picture graphs
Introduction to symbolic logic (Boolean algebra)
Fundamental operations with decimals Factoring
Roman numerals to M Volume of rectangular solids
Ancient numeration systems Simple problems in per cent
Measures of areas and perimeters Using computers and robots
Metric system Set of the integers
Operation of powers Problem analysis
Exponents Use of a calculator

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A Report Card From Home to the School
In the world in which we live today, everything seems upside down. Millions of dollars are being spent each year on education.
  • Is the school your child attends and your School District making the grade?
  • Is your school and your School District meeting the challenge of high standards in academic excellence and setting solid boundaries to provide a safe learning environment for your student?
  • Has your student benefited from an outstanding program or superior instruction from an individual teacher?
  • As parents, there is a growing sense of concern when faced with the daily responsibility of providing for the needs of our children as students, in the society in which we live.
  • Do you know what your child is learning at each grade level?
  • Are your school districts providing a customer friendly environment for parents to come to with concerns?
  • Is there a partnership in communication or a break down in communication?
  • Do you feel funding changes need to be made to better serve our students?
  • Is your district doing all it can to provide a safe learning environment?
  • Is your district doing a good job of being accountable to the parents and children they serve?
  • Feel free to download the Report Card with Curriculum for each grade level below.  You can present it to your child's Teacher or the School your child attends or use it for your child's Home School curriculum guide.

    The above article and educational information is from the (extensive) research of Brenda High and is exclusive to  All rights reserved.

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