(Teacher will check/mark the material that has been covered)

Prehistoric people Age of Discovery and the Industrial Age
Greek and Roman civilizations Yesterday & today in the Middle East
The Middle Ages Yesterday & today in the Far East
World trade and resources Yesterday & today in Continental Europe
Social institutions Yesterday & today in Scandinavia
The study of man and the family Yesterday & today in the British isles
Reading charts and graphs Yesterday & today in Russia
Advanced map reading skills Yesterday & today in the Mediterranean
Exploring careers Yesterday & today in Africa
Lands and peoples of the Eastern Hemisphere

Scientific method and classification Atmosphere, weather and climate
Bacterial mutations Energy and alternative sources
The cell Conservation
Life cycle of insects Properties and uses of water
Genetics, anatomy and physiology Changes and uses of materials
Rocks, minerals and soil Ecology and environment
Air pressure Contributions of scientists

Person, number, and gender of nouns and pronouns
Spelling and reading skills Speech and listening activities
Clauses, phrases and parts of speech Literary terms
Compound sentences Myths and legends
Punctuation of conversation Types of poetry
Write descriptions, reports, and letters Autobiography
Note taking and outlining Biography
Organization of the library Ballads and one act plays
Refine dictionary skills Plan and produce dramatizations
Extend reference skills atlases, encyclopedias, magazines, directories

Practice of good health habits Circulation and respiration
Good grooming and posture Functions of the body
Effects of stimulants and narcotics Chemotherapy and immunization
Personal and public safety Antibiotics and germ theory
Accident prevention Toxins and antitoxins

Numeration Basic geometric concepts
Properties of non-negative integers Ratio and proportion
Rational numbers and fractions Elementary business practices
Three cases of per cent with applications Reading and constructing graphs
Finite, infinite, and empty sets Development and use of formulas
Measurement and the metric system Reading The Stock Market
Areas and volumes of geometric forms Computer skills
Continued growth in developing number skills

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A Report Card From Home to the School
In the world in which we live today, everything seems upside down. Millions of dollars are being spent each year on education.
  • Is the school your child attends and your School District making the grade?
  • Is your school and your School District meeting the challenge of high standards in academic excellence and setting solid boundaries to provide a safe learning environment for your student?
  • Has your student benefited from an outstanding program or superior instruction from an individual teacher?
  • As parents, there is a growing sense of concern when faced with the daily responsibility of providing for the needs of our children as students, in the society in which we live.
  • Do you know what your child is learning at each grade level?
  • Are your school districts providing a customer friendly environment for parents to come to with concerns?
  • Is there a partnership in communication or a break down in communication?
  • Do you feel funding changes need to be made to better serve our students?
  • Is your district doing all it can to provide a safe learning environment?
  • Is your district doing a good job of being accountable to the parents and children they serve?
  • Feel free to download the Report Card with Curriculum for each grade level below.  You can present it to your child's Teacher or the School your child attends or use it for your child's Home School curriculum guide.

    The above article and educational information is from the (extensive) research of Brenda High and is exclusive to  All rights reserved.



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