(Teacher will check/mark the material that has been covered)

Our Old World backgrounds Our American culture
Exploration and discovery Our economic system
Colonial life Energy and society
Struggle for independence The United States political system
Westward Movement Meaning of democracy
Civil War and Reconstruction Advanced map reading skills
The United States as a world power Exploring careers
United States Constitution and Bill of Rights
Growth and development of the United States

Scientific Method and measurement Astronomy, space and space travel
Science nomenclature Contributions of scientists
The ocean, water, and their uses Heat, light, and wave energy
Magnetism and electricity The atom
Composition of the earth Chemical changes
The earth's movement Machines and mechanical energy
Weathering and erosion Electrical and nuclear energy
The weather and atmosphere Ecology and environment
The universe and Milky Way Conservation and recycling of resources

Spelling and independent reading Extend vocabulary
Figures of speech Biographies of great Americans
Inductive and deductive reasoning American poets and storytellers
Advanced dictionary work Short story and nonfiction
Speech  and listening activities Functions of sentence elements
Creative dramatics and poetry Write business letters and reports
Improving skills in use of basic reference material
Kinds of sentences and their essential parts
Study of infinitive, participle, gerund, and predicate nominative
Study of predicate adjective, and direct and indirect object
Beginning Foreign Language skills; Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, etc.

Safety and first aid Types and functions of foods
Grooming and sanitation The body's utilization of food
Mental and emotional health Functions of the body
Physical exercises for body health Community sanitation and health

Application of per cent Equalities and inequalities
Use of fractions and decimals Graph of an equation
Simple formulas and equations Factoring and products
Study of insurance, banking, and taxes Sets and simple sentences
Scale drawing Numeration systems
Metric and non metric geometry Probability statistics
Polynomials Metric system and non metric geometry
Powers and roots Computer and internet research
Maintaining skills in fundamental operations
First year high school Algebra or Pre Algebra Prep

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A Report Card From Home to the School
In the world in which we live today, everything seems upside down. Millions of dollars are being spent each year on education.
  • Is the school your child attends and your School District making the grade?
  • Is your school and your School District meeting the challenge of high standards in academic excellence and setting solid boundaries to provide a safe learning environment for your student?
  • Has your student benefited from an outstanding program or superior instruction from an individual teacher?
  • As parents, there is a growing sense of concern when faced with the daily responsibility of providing for the needs of our children as students, in the society in which we live.
  • Do you know what your child is learning at each grade level?
  • Are your school districts providing a customer friendly environment for parents to come to with concerns?
  • Is there a partnership in communication or a break down in communication?
  • Do you feel funding changes need to be made to better serve our students?
  • Is your district doing all it can to provide a safe learning environment?
  • Is your district doing a good job of being accountable to the parents and children they serve?
  • Feel free to download the Report Card with Curriculum for each grade level below.  You can present it to your child's Teacher or the School your child attends or use it for your child's Home School curriculum guide.

    The above article and educational information is from the (extensive) research of Brenda High and is exclusive to JaredStory.com.  All rights reserved.

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