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"To all interested in having Brenda High speak in your town... 
    "I am a Crime Victim Advocate in Newport WA and am very honored to have had the experience to get to know Brenda and hear her story. She came to our rural county of Pend Oreille to speak to three school districts. At the training faculty, students, and community members gathered together to learn from Brenda's heartfelt tragedy and to gain insight on how to combat bullying in our community. Brenda found a way to encourage, inspire, and motivate each group of people in their own unique way. Her story was compelling and her training was full of energy, emotion, and kept you wanting more. 
    "Her personality quadrant model is something that all schools should adopt. I received great feedback from students, faculty, and colleagues. We see her and her training as a great asset that many rural communities do not usually get the privilege to have. Thank you Brenda, for your determination to make a difference and your inspiration to help others make a change."

~Sarah Kramer, Victim Advocate - Pend Oreille Crime Victims Services

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Check out Brenda High's testimony at the

Idaho House Education Committee Hearing

on H.B. 256 on 3/18/15.   Go to:


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from March 18, 2015 - starts at 1:04:41



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