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    What I require when speaking to schools

    Okay, this is where I am going to lose most people, educators and schools who come to my website looking for a speaker.  I like to be upfront and honest at the very front of a negotiation and frankly, I'm very tired of explaining what I do for schools and sending emails back in forth and then in the end, having the school say they can't afford having me come. 


    What I do, in my opinion, is priceless and WILL save lives.  I don't want to waist my time, or anyone else's, and I have plenty of other things I can do rather than fly across the country getting air sick on a flight, so here is what I require when speaking in schools:


    First: Prior to my coming, School Staff at the school must post the Pledge, signed by all the teachers, administrators, and staff at the school.  (That is, signed by all the school staff who desires to do something to stop bullying at their school - obviously, I cannot require a signature by those who do not wish to sign)


    Here is the Pledge for Teachers and Administrators - Download PDF

    You see, I know that a safe school starts with the adults in charge of a school.  If the school staff is not serious about doing anything to stop bullying, nothing will happen and I will have wasted my time, and yours.


    Second: I require the development of a Bullying Prevention Leadership Team before I come to speak.  This team should consist of at least three school staff members, two parents and students who wish to learn leadership skills.  I will need help doing the presentation, so this is a very good opportunity to get students and staff involved in the bullying prevention process.


    Third: Before speaking to students, I must speak to the Leadership Team.  The Team will actually assist me in doing the "Quad" part of the program, if that is the topic you choose.


    The Leadership team will be the key to organizing an educational, fun, and memorable program.  (The Student and Parent Pledges may be handed out at the end of the program.  Again, no signature is required, but it is expected that most students and parents will sign.)


    Fourth: When I leave the school, I will have really loved your school, your students and staff, but I hope that you will never need me to come back. I hope that when I leave, I will have taught the Bullying Prevention Leadership Team so well, that you will be able to take over and do your programs yourself.  Believe me; by having the students and staff design your schools' bullying prevention programs, you will see a completely different buy-in attitude in your school.  This is also the most productive and inexpensive way to stop bullying in your school.


    Fees for Schools, Workshops and Conferences

    First, let me say that there are always exceptions to my fees.  I will negotiate if you can convince me to go lower...but I would rather that you wanted to pay more.


    The base fee for one day is $1,600 for a one to three speaking sessions. 

    If I am needed for two days, the base fee is $2,100.


    If I have to take a flight and get a hotel
    I will need to fly in the day before the day of the session and fly out the day after the session - this may require two or three nights in a hotel.


    If a flight and hotel is required, add $900 to the base fee, OR your school has the option of paying for my flight and hotel.  If your school can find a cheaper flight and hotel, I'll go for it.  Sometimes I am able to get a deal on a flight.  If I find that type of deal, I will lower the added cost appropriately.  (Note - I've often stayed at host homes and I've enjoyed the visits I've had with family members.)


    If I can drive

    I actually enjoy driving, at least in decent weather.  If I can get to your location in within a day, or 6-10 hours drive, add $500 to the base fee.  I live in Southeastern Washington, the Tri-Cities.  I can drive to Salt Lake City in 10 hours (without speeding...much).


    Local speaking and workshop fees are negotiable in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas within an hour and a half drive.


    If there are any questions, feel free to call me at home, 509-547-1052 (Pacific Time) and we can negotiate fees and discuss options.


    International: Call to negotiate fees.


    Media interviews

    You pay, I will come.  If your news company wants to fly me to the East Coast, please understand that I'm not a spring chicken.  I've had both my knees replaced and I need to acclimate and stretch for a few hours before going on TV.  ...I'm older, but I'm wiser.


    Why not connect with a local television station to do an interview?  I could also fly to Portland OR., or Seattle WA., and that would be much cheaper and less traumatic for time zone acclimation.   I have also had a few Skype interviews and find that they can be very productive. 


    Radio interviews

    I LOVE radio interviews!  I'll even get up early to do an interview.  I do radio interviews free and enjoy connecting with listeners all over the USA.  I only ask producers to allow me to mention my book, "Bullycide in America: Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection".  Call 509-547-1052 to set up an interview appointment.


    One More Thing

    I'm not as "chipper" as I was years ago.  I'm in my mid 60's.  During the cold, icy road days of December, January and February, I'm writing and working on my websites.