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    Speaking out for kids who can't

    I would be pleased to speak at educational institutions, associations and conferences, private businesses or parent and social organizations.  Speaking fees are negotiable - please email me at brenda (at) jaredstory (dot) com  for more information.

    A Mom on a Mission speaks out...

    About Bully Police USA and Bullying...

    • Stories That Change Lives - Bullycide in America: Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection

    • Cyberbullying/Cyberfraud/Cyberbashing/Cyberstalking......A CyberShame

    • A Culture of Bullying and How to Change Attitudes

    • Survivors, Students and Parents of Abuse/Bullying Speak Out

    • How to Spot and Help a Victim, AND a Bully

    • Helping a Survivor of Bullying to Heal

    About Lawyers and Laws...

    • For Schools: How to Avoid Lawsuits

    • For Parents: When to Get an Attorney

    • Proper Investigation Procedures for Bullying

    • When Does Bullying Become a Crime?

    • Bully Police USA - Getting Anti Bullying Laws Passed

    • Rules, Laws, Policies and Procedures - Foundations for Safer Schools

    About Bullying, Depression, Suicide and Healing...

    • Bullying > Depression > Suicide = Bullycide - A Warning and a Lesson

    • Depression: There is Hope - Ways to Cope

    • Suicide: It Can Happen to Anyone

    • - Grief and Healing Projects

    About Solutions...

    • The Four Basic Personality Types - The Bully Quadrant (My favorite topic)

    • For Business: Changing management attitudes on harassment issues

    • For Churches: The Damage of Online Pornography

    • The Bystander - The Key to Solving the Bullying Problem

    • TALK, TELL & YELL - Learning the Heroes and Leadership Methods and Solving the Bullying Problem