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A Warning Letter From a Superintendent in New Hampshire about "Thirteen Reasons Why" on Netflix





AK - A  2006

AL - B+  2009

AR - A-  2003

AZ - B-  2005

CA - B  2003

CO - B  2001

CT - B-  2002

DE - A++  2007

FL - A++  2008

GA - A++  1999

HI - B-  2011

IA - A-  2007

ID - A+  2015

IL - A-  2007

IN - A-  2005

KS - B  2007

KY - A++  2008

LA - C  2001

MA - A++  2010

MD - A++  2005

ME - A-  2005

MI - A++  2011

MN - C-  2007

MO - A-  2010

MS - C  2001

MT - B-  2015

NC - B+  2009

ND - A++  2011

NE - C+  2008

NH - A++  2000

NJ - A++  2002

NM - B+  2006

NV - B+  2005

NY - B+  2010

OH - A  2007

OK - A  2002

OR - A+  2001

PA - B+  2007

RI - A+  2003

SC - A-  2006

SD - B+  2012

TN - A-  2005

TX - A++  2005

UT - A-  2008

VA - A++  2005

VT - A-  2004

WA - A+  2002

WI - B+  2010

WV - A+  2001

WY - A++  2009

Click on the picture of your State Capital, or link, to review your State Law.


Go to "The GRADE"  to find out how state anti bullying laws are graded.

The states in red have A+ or A++ ratings.


The year after the grade is the year the anti bullying law was passed, or updated.

Some states have updated and improved their anti bullying laws and BPUSA has not received that information.

States known to to have updated their anti bullying law are in red.  For most states listed, this is the initial passage date.  


In early 2002, when BullyPolice.org began, there were 9 states with anti bullying laws.

In March 2015, the last state, Montana, finally passed their law.


 Puerto Rico


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Virgin Islands



Bully Police USA is an all volunteer, non profit organization.





BPUSA President

Judy Kuczynski


BPUSA Vice President

Angie Stagge

Kevin Epling

Board Members
Debra Johnston

Sonja Yearsley

Ken Kuczynski


Go to the Video Page to see these, and other FULL SIZE video messages

A Judge Alex Special on FOX
w/BPUSA Founder, Brenda High

E! Investigates: Bullying
An E! Network interview

BPUSA Co-Director,
Kevin Epling, Speaks Out


Former Congressman, Trent Franks, (R) Arizona Speaks Out

The school ground bully has been around for too long.  His entire success at bullying is predicated upon arrogant disregard to simple decency, and a willingness to brutalize an innocent victim simply because the bully is bigger and stronger and others are afraid to intervene.  It is insidious and calls for society and government to intervene decisively.  This (Arizona State) bullying bill is a start.  As you deliberate this bill, please reflect on the fact that Government's primary purpose for existence is for the protection of its innocent citizens.     ...Then remember your bully as a child." 


"A Good law is a good foundation for fixing the (bullying) problem -
a requirement of the government schools to protect our Children."



Bullying: Under The Radar
Take the Anonymous Survey

Better Knowledge.  Better Decisions.  Better Results.


A NEW Resource for Law Enforcement and Schools

A Sister Organization
The bullyPolicesquad

Bullycide in America on Amazon


Definitions: From a Victim's Point of View

    • Refusal (not inability) to think rationally about themselves and others

    • Small scale Terrorist, with behavior mostly taking place during school time

    • Justifies harmful activities towards others with self psychological excuses ("I want to appear tough and in control")

    • Enjoys enforcing power on others and causing extreme fear

    • Over-bearing person who tyrannizes the non-violent and physically less strong

    • To rule by intimidation, terror

    • Threatens or acts violence on others

(The only differences between a terrorist and a bully, is in the organized planning or cause of the activity, and the scale of terror.  A bullied child will believe that there is no difference between a terrorist and a bully, given the above definitions.)

    • 90% of students felt being bullied caused social, emotional, or academic problems. (Studies show, both bullies & victims have problems later in life because of bullying. 

    • 69% of students believe schools respond poorly to reports of bullying. 

    • Three out of four students report that they have been bullied. 

    • Each month over 250,000 students report being physically attacked. 


How do you KNOW if

Your Child is Being Bullied?

- 17 SIGNS -


What are the Best Ways

Of Solving the Bullying?

- 11 TIPS -

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Why Have anti Bullying Laws?

What a "Perfect" Anti Bullying Law Might Look Like
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"Cyberbashing" - Letter to a Congressman
A Bullying Awareness Proclamation
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Check out Brenda High's testimony at the

Idaho House Education Committee Hearing

on H.B. 256 on 3/18/15.   Go to:



Select "House Standing Committees"

under "Select a Category"


Then select "Education"

under "Select a Committee"


Then select "Download Audio/Video"

from March 18, 2015 - starts at 1:04:41


Bully Police USA is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization.
E-mail Brenda at brenda (at) jaredstory (dot) com for more information.


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Bullycide in America

Moms Speak Out!


This quilt was done in honor of all bullycides - kids who took their lives because of bullying.

There are 223 names on the quilt, including 4 highlighted stories.  The quilter, Linda Hannawalt,

focused on the child/student's life and interests.  The quilt picture was submitted by CJ Grossman.

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