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Emails from people who have "been there, done that" - they have lost someone to suicide, have thought of, or are

thinking about suicide. Emails from people enduring, or have endured bullying or have suffered from depression.

Other people's stories...  AUG - SEPT 1999

Sept. 30, 99 - Patty says...
"...I am so sorry about the death of your son. I also have lost a son. No, not the same way you did but I feel your pain deeply. When my son died, I did not know enough to look for people to talk to that had also lost a child. I wish I had..."

Sept. 26, 99 - Jessica says...

"Hi, my name is Jessica, I'm 15 years old and I'm doing a research paper in school about teens and their suicide attempts and I just wanted you to know that I know how you feel about loosing someone so very close to you because I lost a really good friend of mine that way. I just want you to know that I'm really sorry about your boy's death and that I know that by you putting this out on the net it will help others cause I know that it did me."

Sept. 26, 99 - Jesse says...

"Hello Jared's mom. I'm sorry about Jared, when I heard about it I went ballistic. I was yelling no over and over. A few minutes later I said that he always made me laugh a lot he was a kidder that one. Well I'm sorry about Jared but his spirit will live on and on.  One time this old man said when my grandfather died he said God took him from this world to be with Him and fight the constant war between God and the devil. I thought that he was nuts, but after a year or two I started to understand what he meant. So I guess that's supposed to bring you some happiness, but remember God is watching over him at all times."

Sept. 25, 99 - Jennifer says...

"I live in Wales, UK... I am very touched by your story. ...I want to thank you for your memories of your special son. I know with all my heart, he is close to you, and you will all be together again one day. I hope you will continue being a strong person, from your strength others will grow.  (on Sept. 28, 99) ...I am sure your web page is a comfort to a lot of people. I think a lot of people do not understand about suicide. I think I gained some understanding from your web page, and I was happy to learn that we don't get judged on our acts at the time of suicide, as I suppose I was thinking at one stage. People must be so unhappy at the time of suicide, or maybe just ill. It is a sad fact of life, be we can't always be there for everyone. My great granddad, committed suicide. My mum found him when she was a school girl, she said  she didn't know anything was bothering him at the time. Who knows what makes people  do these things. I hope we can all have compassion one with another."

Sept. 23, 99 - a friend from school says...

"Thank you for this site! A Friend of mine gave me the site address. Jared  was a good friend of mine, and now that today is his birthday I really think about the good times we had, he always made me laugh. And when I was down he cheered me up. He was a good friend and I knew I could always count on him. ...I'm very sad that he is gone, we all are, but I just remember the good times. (on Sept. 24, 99) ...I like the idea, National Eat Worm's in Dirt Cake Day. I'm happy that you and your friends, and family still had fun yesterday. That's cool, make a cake and still celebrated Jared's birthday."

(note: on Jared's birthday we had dirt cake and declared September 23rd "National Eat Worm's in Dirt Cake Day" in remembrance of Jared High's birthday.)

Sept. 22, 99 - Kathy says...

"I looked up your site and was very touched by it. I have a neighbor that just lost a child and another friend that lost her husband. I am giving them your site information. It is a beautiful thing you have done... Thank you again for your work of love, I will give your site to others."

Sept. 20, 99 - SC says...

"I wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your son with all of us. I lost my father to suicide almost two years ago and I found answers to some of my questions in your words. I know we will all have a chance to see our loved ones again. My faith in loving Heavenly Father is strong, but no one ever expressed to me what you shared in your article "Where do those who commit suicide go?" It brought a strength into my life and tears to my eyes. Thank you! May God bless you and your family and may you always know that "families are forever"."

Sept. 16, 99 - Chris says...
"Hi there, I just happened across your article through an email link from mormontown.  I was deeply touched by your statements and the article (Where do those who commit suicide go?) and stopped to offer a short prayer in behalf of you and your family, all of them. I am sorry for your loss and look forward to the time when you and all of us on earth can return to He who dries all tears and loves us without condition. May God bless you with his choicest blessings."

Sept. 15, 99 - Shelly says...

"I just read the article in Mormontown newsletter about suicide, ("Where do those who commit suicide go?). Then I had to know more about your little boy. How wonderful to remember him this way. You really "have" a great kid! What a blessing to have had him in your life! God bless you, I bet Jared is proud of you for your efforts to help others! Thanks for answering lots of questions!"

Sept. 7, 99 - Susan says...

"Just visited your website and can tell you put a lot of love into creating it. I dealt with my own grief over the loss of my parents (within a year of each other), by writing stories of my childhood..."

Sept. 6, 99 - Steve says...

"Jared was a close friend. One thing I do remember most about him, is his never giving  up attitude, and how he arm wrestled all the kids at school. He had a lot of fun,  and we had a lot of fun with him."

August 30, 99 - a former classmate says...

"Thank you for putting this page up. I went to school with Jared, Hanford, and was in one class (band) with him.  In the time I got to know him he was AWESOME.  And I wanted to tell you thank you for putting up this page."

August 23, 99 - Jamie says...

"I'm very sorry for your loss.  I lost my father to suicide on June 22nd of this year.  I know what a traumatic shock a loss to suicide is.  It's such a shame.  I try to make myself feel better by remembering all of the wonderful times that I had w/my father and that he's in a better place now, where he so desperately wanted to be. Us left behind need to be strong and have great faith in the Lord."

August 20, 99 - Darlene says...

"Here I am just cruising around. A friend of mine has expressed a desire to do a memorial for her long departed Dad, ...he committed suicide back in 1973. He was a wonderful guy... I happened across your Jared's memorial and was brought to both laughter and tears.  Jared was very special, wasn't he? I just lost my mom and had a memorial done for her. Yours is spectacular to say the least! All the help you are offering to others is wonderful. I know how that helps you as well... My mom died of Brain Cancer..."


August 6, 99 - Carol says...

"Just took a quick peek at your page, haven't looked at all the links. What a beautiful child, this is truly tragic. I like the site..."

August 6, 99 - J  says...

"Thank you for your site... you are an amazing person to do that... to put that up for other people to see. You don't even know how much it just helped me. I'm sorry for your loss... but from your loss, you're saving a lot of lives. Thank you for saving mine."

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