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Emails from people who have "been there, done that" - they have lost someone to suicide, have thought of, or are

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Other people's stories...  SEPTEMBER 2000

Sept. 30 - Michelle says...

"Im 15 years old and last April, my close friend Pia died of suicide. She was only 14 years old. I don't know why she did it and probably won't know what was going through her mind that night. ...I know that suicide is a bad thing and is restricted from my religion, but sometimes i have the urge to do the same thing as what Pia and your son did.  Pia wasn't never ever sad or mad.. always smiling and making people feel better ..she was the last person on my list that would ever even think about committing suicide. But as for me, im not the same as her. I have many friends, i play varsity golf, and i get good grades.  My parents are the best.  It's just that sometimes i want to release all that pressure and depression that i face everyday.  At school, there is many problems and obstacles you face, not just academics but enemies, guy/girl problems, and other stuff.  I know that i am young and i have a life ahead of me, but the pain never seems to get out of me and i can't stand it; it hurts my heart... LITERALLY.  ...All these emotions go through my mind and i end up being depressed. What should i do?" ( It's hard to understand someone who seemed so happy the days before would want to leave family and friends in such a hurtful manner, but this is how depression can kill.  Pia had depression and it's like having a cloud over the mind that keeps common sense out, so they can't think properly.  ...You are a teenager and you are going through a lot of physical and emotional changes.  I can't give you any advise about what to do concerning the young man you care about except to say that you are 15 and in due time your grief from loosing him will subside, just as our grief from loosing Jared has lessened. ...Be sure and read the Meaning of Life section, it will give you some peace concerning Pia's death and help you to find your purpose in life.)

Sept. 26 - Jessica says...

"I have been suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies for a long time now and am on medication, though I don't always think it's helping.  The reason I'm writing is because I am looking for information I can use during a discussion on suicide I am giving in three weeks. Do you know of any web sites with information other teens would be responsive to?
and later...  I hope this question doesn't upset you, but I know there's no easy way to put it. Why exactly did Jared commit suicide?  I just couldn't stop thinking about your web page you have devoted to him and how someone who is so devoted to her son who is dead, must have been the most loving mom when he was still alive. God will bless you greatly for all you have done to inform people on suicide, and honor your son. I hope when I meet him in Heaven someday, I can be the first to tell him how great his family is and how great he was.  ...He will always be remembered." (Jared was assaulted inside his Middle School by a bully and never was the same afterwards.)

Sept. 26 - Dawn says...

"...I read your story of Jared it touch me in a way a story never has.  I had to do a report on teen suicide and when I was on the computer I saw his name and I read your letter.  I know people tell you every day that they are sorry and they hope you feel better but I know how it feels to lose a loved one. my mom tried to commit suicide and I cried for weeks she lived through it but know I know how much she means to me. I don't know what to say to make your life any better because it is hard to lose someone you love. especially when it is your son.  People tell my grandmother that she should get over her sons death but no matter what people told her she kept the memories of them.  I wish that your son was still with you I think it is sad that people take their own lives.  ...don't blame it on your self because it is not your fault.  I wish there was some way I could help you and your husband out.  I just wanted to tell you how much of a good job you are doing in keeping your sons spirit alive and he will always remember him from this..."

Sept. 26 - Timothy says...

"...in a certain way I also know what you've gone through. About 3 yrs ago my uncle who was right around my age believed that he no longer had anything to live for. I know that the void in your heart will never be completely filled and I'm truly sorry if you ever need to talk to anyone please email me..."

Sept. 26 - Ash says...

"...I would just like to say that suicide is an every day thing and I have been exposed to it. One of my very best friends was killed by himself and the thing was there was not a day that went by that we did not talk about things and honestly I don't think it was suicide because he was so happy.  I think that there was more to it than suicide!" (Yes, there is usually a lot more to suicide than just deciding to die.  In most cases the cause is from depression.)

Sept. 25 - Samantha (Diamond Bar California) says...

"I was reading about suicide and looking up things because I was doing a report on teen suicide... and when I read about Jared, I thought he was a pretty happy boy. ...I am only 14 years old and this topic interests me because I feel that so many people that are depressed can be reached out to. But as I read some stories, I found that people seemed so happy and excited about their future, but then took their own life. I feel very bad about Jared and I'm sure that he's happy now and he's not in anymore pain."

Sept. 18 - Zeia says...

"I am terribly sorry about your loss and as I am just 14 years of age I know how you must feel. Many of my friends have tried and failed or been talked out of it. I am so sorry that your son was not able to be one of those people ...If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'll be here."

Sept. 16 - Megan says...

"Hi Ms. High, i found your site about your son, Jared while i was browsing the net looking up stories about suicide, as soon as i saw your sons picture and the thought in my mind that he committed suicide, i started balling. Why would such a normal looking kid ever do that?! well i guess i sound like a hypocrite because i am having the same thoughts that i'm sure he did. I want to die right now more than anything, i tried last year and three nights ago to kill myself by taking a ton of ibuprofen and motrin ib, but i just passed out and got sick, anyways, my friends mom told my parents that and they don't even care! they haven't even talked to me since! how can they do this!?!? Their daughter has been up in her room in the dark searching her mind for a way to kill herself while they live their lives like nothings wrong! I just wanna be dead! off of this earth!!..." (Jared was assaulted inside his middle school by a bully and was never the same after that. He was just 13 and 6 days old and if someone had said to us the night before that Jared would kill himself, we never would of believed it.  He didn't have a violent bone in his body.  We didn't know what to call all the symptoms he had then, but now we know that Jared was having depression.   Megan, those deep feelings of wanting to die that you are having is called depression.  ...Most likely your parents  don't know what your problem is or how to respond to what you are going through right now.  Please try and find a time to have a heart to heart with your mom, or the parent you are able to talk to best and tell them you need their help in getting you through your depression. You may be surprised to learn that they really do care about you after all.)

Sept. 12 - Jenny says...

"I have been hospitalized 2 times for suicide attempts and I feel like attempting again, Who can I talk to?" (Who helped you decide to go to the hospital the last two times you went?  This is the best person to talk to.  Also, find a therapy group with people your own age that you can meet and talk with once a week and if you are on medication than always remember to take it every day.  Don't be ashamed that you have depression and need to take medication.  It seems that half the world suffers with depression at some time or other.  My son is diabetic and has to take insulin everyday or he will die.  Having depression can be just as dangerous because of the suicide factor.  Never give up!)

Sept. 12 - Alexa says...

"I found the site of your beloved son, Jared. I was so surprised that a very beautiful young boy like that would ever do something so badly it even hurts me so much to hear about it. I've read everything on your website about him.  I'm really glad you did this for him.  I'm only 14. I cried so much when i read it because for so many times I've always thought about suicidals. ...He seemed like a happy kid I am very sorry  ...A lot of people from his school had said that he was a very great friend and I just don't understand why.  ...Do you know how I can stop and not think about suicide. I know i don't want to try it but sometime I cant just stop but think about it or just fantasy a lot of it. ...I don't know what to say or do which is why I cant seem to think straight. But just think about the death of your son, why did he do it?
and later... I just wanna say thank you very much for sending me the email back even thought I didn't think you would have done that. I've been through a lot and i try, and try hard to focus on the people who love me so dearly. I'm still gonna focus on that, ...I'm scared to die.  ...i've realized how people like Jared could get beat up and go through depression and end up in suicide. I think Jared's a cutie and I've read all of what his friends have said about him. ...He's very much like my brother so this is why I am like so concerned about this whole thing..."

Sept. 12 - The Hurley's say...

"I'm writing you this to tell you we've been through it. Our 16 yr. old son killed his self. Its the hardest thing we ever been through. i just want to tell are our prayers are w/ you. God bless your family."

Sept. 10 - Amy says...

"I can't begin to tell you what it is that i need.  I  lost my mother to suicide in jan. 98  lately i have been feeling that she is trying to reach me and guide me to where i need to go to accomplish this.  do you know anything about these feelings?  please help if you have time." (Yes, there is life after death and my personal belief is that your mother may be watching over you, like a Guardian Angel.  Please read the  section called The Meaning of Life about the Eternal Plan God has for you.)

Sept. 7 - comments from the Notice of Harassment survey...

"when i was in seventh grade (i am now a junior in college) i was harassed daily by people who had previously been my friends.  i won't go into specifics because it hurts less to think about it now, but it was the worst time of my life.  the memories and hurt followed me all of my life, and i had considered suicide too numerous of times to count.  eventually i thought i was overcoming it, until i went to college; my freshman year at school i was raped, and two weeks later i could no longer deal with life. it didn't seem fair that so many terrible things kept happening to me- i didn't deserve to feel like this.   i overdosed on about 100 tylenol and ended up being taken to the emergency room.  had i not made it in time (i went about 3 hours after i had taken them) i would have died.  looking back, i know that so many of my problems began back in school, and it breaks my heart to think that other kids might be going through those same experiences i was.  i didn't include my school name because i still struggle to leave behind the painful memories sometimes, but i just wanted to write and tell you that i hope you can reach as many young people as possible.  life is hard and sometimes bad things happen, but its so much harder after you've already given up."

Sept. 4 - Debby says...

"I was heartfelt with your story. I also lost a son named Jared to suicide, so of course it caught my eye.  It was a year ago on Labor Day, and he was 18 years old. I miss him terribly. Thanks for sharing."

Sept. 2 - Rich says...

"I have known 2 people who have committed suicide and it is a tough thing to deal with. I can't imagine having to go through it from a parents point of view. God bless you and your family. Depression is something most people don't understand. I didn't until I rushed my wife to the hospital and she was diagnosed with depression after both our children were born. How old was Jared when he did this and what were the circumstances  if you don't mind me asking. My heart goes out to you. You did a great job on this page. I have a wife and two children ages 6 and 10." (Jared was 13 and 6 days old.  His suicide was triggered by an assault inside his Middle School by a bully.)


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