Brenda High, Founder, Co-Director,
Bully Police USA, Inc.
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& Jared's Mom

Jared's story
Jared High was 12 years old when older students bullied him in his middle school.  The bullying came to a head when a well known bully assaulted Jared inside his middle school gym.  Because of the bullying and the assault, Jared began to show signs of depression, which included lack of sleep and emotional outbursts.


On the morning of September 29, 1998, just six days after his 13th birthday, Jared called his father at work to say good-bye.  While on the phone with him, Jared shot himself, dying instantly. 


As a healing project, Brenda began to write Jared's story, which is now published as  Since 1999, has attracted over three million visitors looking for information on bullying, depression, suicide and needing healing from the loss of a loved one.


Brenda has now become a passionate crusader, a mom on a mission to stop school bullying and peer abuse.  It is not uncommon to see Brenda doing email or on the phone talking about bullying as well as advising parents, students, teachers, state and federal lawmakers, media and community members about the emotional and physical dangers of bullying, which can lead to bullycide, (a suicide attributed to bullying).


Producers from The Oprah Show, FOX News, Good Morning America, CNN, The John Walsh Show, The Larry Elders Show, Video Production Companies, Inside Edition, Jenny Jones Show, Black Entertainment Television, NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation and News Documentaries, to name a few, have consulted and/or interviewed Brenda concerning bullying, depression, suicide, bullycide and how to heal from life changing traumas. 


Jared's story has been told on the radio, in magazines, including California's Beach Cities Health District, Arizona Parenting, The American Association of Suicidology, Desert Paradise, in numerous news articles, and compiled a book, "Bullycide in America: Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection".  Brenda has also published Internet Short Stories about on several websites as well as publishing over a dozen bullying prevention e-books that can be found on


Brenda has designed websites that deal with bullying and suicide issues, including: 

  •, which deals with bullying, depression, suicide and other issues.  JaredStory is very popular with teens who are looking for direction and advice for living as well as media research, as example, The Dr Phil Show, who found two quests to talk on bullying and suicide. 

  • - Reports and grades States on their anti bullying laws.  Bully Police USA posts current anti bullying laws, research, news, and support information for parents and/or anti bullying activists who are dealing with bullying in schools

  • - The synopsis of her book, that tells the stories of teens who have died by "bullycide", as told by their moms. 

  • - Ordering website for Bullying Prevention E-Books

Getting anti bullying laws
Having been involved in politics for over 30 years, Brenda leads by example.  Currently, her specialty is working to get anti bullying laws passed or revised.  She is proud of contributing to the passage of the Washington State Anti Bullying Law,  ( as well as influencing passage of a law in Oklahoma, Arizona and Vermont.  A major triumph was the passage of Idaho's law, "Jared's Law", named after her son Jared, in 2006.  Jared was buried in the small Idaho town of Ashton.


Brenda is aggressively working with lawmakers and anti bullying activists in several states to get more common sense anti bullying laws updated...however long it takes. 


As the Co-Director and Founder of the national organization, Bully Police USA, Inc., Brenda has written, The MORE Perfect Anti Bullying Law, which is an excellent model for lawmakers to follow when they write their State anti bullying laws.  She teaches the importance of anti bullying laws, and how to lobby, in teleconferences to educators, media, program directors and parents, many who have children suffering from bullying.


Books & E-Books


Bullycide in America:

Moms Speak Out About the Bullying/Suicide Connection

"Our stories, mine and six others, are tragic.  All of us had a very hard time writing our stories, not only because we are inexperienced writers, but because its hard to express the emotion that comes from loosing a child by suicide, or by bullycide as we now call it.  Some in our group lost our children years ago, and others, less than two years ago but we hope that by writing our stories we can share some lessons we have learned as well as some warnings that will prevent the same tragedies in the lives of others.  To read an online synopsis of our book go to"   ~Brenda


The Bully Police E-book series encompass over 10 years worth of research as well as contributing articles from PhD's, M.S., Esq., and experts in the field of bullying.  The writers who contributed to these e-books have one thing in common - they want to help kids who are being bullied as well as the kids who are the bullies. We have come together for the common good of ALL of our children.  To choose the FREE e-book that is best for you if you go to


Bullycide in America: Speaking Out About the Bullying/Suicide Connection
Work on this second book has begun and is expected to be finished before the end of 2017.  It will be a comprehensive work with over 20 bullycide stories and Q & A with experts on the subject of both bullying and suicide.

A philosophy to live by
Brenda lives her philosophy, which is; a woman filled with love is not content with blessing her family alone, but is anxious to bless the whole human race.


Brenda lives in Pasco Washington with her husband Bill.  They have three grown (married) children, Sonja, Jacob and Tara, and five grandsons.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from B.Y.U.


Moms Speak Out!

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Bullycide in America

Many have asked,

"What is Depression?"


Here is a PDF of a chapter

from my book,

"Bullycide in America",

that will give readers an

understanding of this

horrible problem

facing millions of

people every day.





This recording is from an

interview with Pasco School

 District investigators

 concerning the assault on

Jared High.  This is a

recording of a recording

and it isn't real clear,

but worth the download

effort.  Jared had a real

mellow voice.  Note:

If you have a slow load wav,

wait for it to load entirely

and then play from the start.

About 5 minutes long

About Depression

'Been There, Done That'

Jared's Life

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