About the Author of JaredStory.com
Brenda High

    Olympus High School - Holiday Utah
    Scottsdale High School - Scottsdale Arizona
    Ricks College - Associates Degree - College in Rexburg Idaho - Now BYU-Idaho
    Brigham Young University - Bachelor of Science Degree, Psychology
    Licenses in Real Estate, Insurance, and Securities
    Believes education is a lifelong process - enjoys taking one-nighter classes on interesting subjects.  (check out Getting a Passion for some ideas on what classes to take.)


    Served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -January 1976 - August 1977 (Tennessee)


    Married to a wonderful husband, Bill, in the Arizona Temple - April 1978- Since marrying Bill, we have lived in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Washington State.


    Sonja - Married, and has given us 2 Grandsons, Jared & David
    Jacob - Married, and is in Law School
    Tara - Married, and is giving us another Grandson in 2010
    Jared - Jared is the reason for JaredStory.com.


    Grandma duties - Writing - working on websites - paying bills, etc.  Always involved in some sort of 'at home' or Network Marketing Businesses.

Brenda - On the Radio with Joyce Bender, October 2010

Be Kind to One Another - A bracelet reminder

2010 Interview

Bully Police USA



    Sept. 1998 - Apr. 2000,  Worked part-time as a Personal Assistant, P.A., to a Top Network Marketing Executive (millionaire). 


    Currently: Writer, Volunteer; Founder, Co-Director of Bully Police USA (www.bullypolice.org), and JaredStory.com webmaster, as well as  various Computer projects. 


    Writer - My first book is called, "Bullycide in America: Moms Speak Out About the Bullying/Suicide Connection." It's written by myself and other moms who have lost their children to "Bullycide" (www.Bullycide.org).  My 2nd book(s) are a series of e-books, which can be found at www.bullypolice.com and can be downloaded at no cost.  My next book due out in late 2017 - Bullycide in America: Speaking Out about the Bullying/Suicide Connection.


    I also do some Consulting and Speaking about Jared, my personal experiences, advocacy for anti bullying laws and bullying research (www.BrendaHigh.com).  I  teach schools, parents and kids about "The Heroes Method" demonstrated at www.Jaredstory.com/heroes.html.   Some day I plan to write a book about this proactive and positive method of dealing with bullying in school: Heroes in the Crowd.


Moms Speak Out!

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Bullycide in America

Many have asked,

"What is Depression?"


Here is a PDF of a chapter

from my book,

"Bullycide in America",

that will give readers an

understanding of this

horrible problem

facing millions of

people every day.





This recording is from an

interview with Pasco School

 District investigators

 concerning the assault on

Jared High.  This is a

recording of a recording

and it isn't real clear,

but worth the download

effort.  Jared had a real

mellow voice.  Note:

If you have a slow load wav,

wait for it to load entirely

and then play from the start.

About 5 minutes long

About Depression

'Been There, Done That'

Jared's Life

Friends & Family



  • Began involvement over Homeschooling Laws in the State of Colorado... was successful.

  • Maricopa County Registration Chairman (GOP) in Arizona before moving to Washington State.

  • Franklin County Chairman (GOP) Dec. 1990 - Dec. 1996

  • Franklin County State Committeewoman (GOP) Dec. 2010 - Dec. 2016

  • Elected to Pasco School District Board of Education - Fall 1991 to Summer 1995

  • Occasionally I work on campaigns - I'm always vocal about what I believe, but vocally "polite."

  • Testified to the Washington State House Ed. Committee about Bullying in Jan. 2002.  The bill passed the Committee unanimously, then passed the House, Senate, and then was signed by the Governor into law in March 2002.

  • Have worked with other activists to get anti bullying laws passed around the USA and founded Bully Police USA in October 2003.

  • Testified to the Arizona State House Ed. Committee about Bullying in 2004, then the AZ State Senate in Feb. 2005.  Arizona passed their anti bullying law in May 2005 and it was signed by the Governor into law.   (Note: Jared was born in Phoenix in 1985 so I'm pleased that I had a chance to help get a law passed in Arizona.)

  • March 2006 was pleased to see "Jared's Law" passed in Idaho. Jared is buried in Ashton Idaho.

  • In April 2015, I attended the signing of an updated Bullying Prevention Law in Idaho.

  • I love The Constitution in the Tradition of the Founding Fathers.

    Favorite TV shows (if not working on the computer) - News shows such as FOX News, anything Star Trek or Sci-Fi, Voyager (love reruns), adventure/tearjerker movies and love stories. I like home makeovers shows, like "Fixer Upper" "Property Brothers," and "Tiny House,"  etc.


    Favorite Movie- "Gone with the Wind"; Just can't beat Vivian Leigh & Clark Gable.  There are lots of favorites as far as actors are concerned, but I especially like Adrien Brody because he has beautiful puppy dog eyes and he impressed me with his acting in "The Pianist". 


    Favorite Music - Ol' Time Rock and Roll - as long as the lyrics aren't nasty and the guitars don't scream.   I like most Classical music, especially Antonio Vivaldi - The 4 Seasons.  I like some Country music - if the guitars don't 'twang' - Big Band Era and Swing music - Glen Miller (I liked the movie too, with James Stewart) - Santana, Old Beatles music, Old Carpenters music, Yanni and my favorite, JOSH GROBAN, who sings like an Angel!  I like just about anything that has a catchy tune to sing to, and a good beat to dance to.  When I was in college, I even won some dance contests,  ...and, believe it or not, I used to do 'The Bump'!


    Favorite Exercises- Walking and climbing mountain trails - I don't jog because I ultimately will trip over something, I'm really clumsy.  In the past I have enjoyed (or tried to enjoy), rollar-blading, softball, tennis, golf, swimming, ping pong, billiards, hiking, 4 Wheeling, water skiing, snow skiing, surfing, snowmobiling, fishing, horseback riding and bowling.  ...Someday, I might try skydiving, when I've gone completely crazy! 


    Favorite types of Books - I like self-improvement books, Scriptures and spiritually uplifting books, truthful and educational books, and quick, easy to read, books.  I also like Textbooks - Sometimes I like 'hard to read' books.  When I read the Newspaper, I skip the propaganda in the editorials, but I like Letters to the Editor.  I wish I could read more but I don't have much time... I'm always working on web pages.


    I love People - You may be a strange duck, maybe you look different and act different, but for some odd reason, I like you anyway.  I really hate gossip because I have been gossiped about.  I know what its like to be hurt.  Even if I disagree with someone, I will find common ground... and usually when it comes to helping kids who are bullied, we always agree.

     Favorite Foods (from the 4 Food Groups)

Food group one - Dairy -
Chocolate milk

Food group two - Meat - 
Chocolate Fudge covered minion

Food group three - Veggie - 
Chocolate shish kabob

Food group four - Fruit - 
Dip Chocolate watermelon

Things I can't do - I'm not a very good cook... I burn eggs, ...and almost our house at the same time.  I'm a lousy decorator and I have no idea where to put things on a wall, like, "Oh, this is a good spot, there's nothing on that part of the wall!"  As mentioned above, I don't jog.  I also won't ride on fast roller-coasters, mostly because I'll throw-up.  Also, I won't eat sugar free chocolate - If it's not the real thing it's not worth having.  I can't sleep in church ...someone has to tell my husband when to wake up. 


Want more information about me?  Why?  Okay, you can see a more serious "resume" about me at www.bullypolice.org/brenda.html as the Co-Director of Bully Police USA.

...And last but not least I'll leave you on a more spiritual tone -
My Favorite Scripture is, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."  St. John 14:27

Keep the BALANCE in your life!


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