"Once, Jared and I, were playing 'A-Wall' with Tara (Jared's sister) and Jared was looking for me, but I hid behind the Van.  Jared went on the other side of the van because he thought he saw me. When he walked on to my side I walked to the other side of the van and we kept going around in circles and he never saw me.  He gave up, but later in that game Tara got 'it' because she fell asleep in her hiding place.

"I remember once that Jared and I were on the phone to see if one of us could come over to one of our houses, but Jared was baby-sitting and he put the speaker phone on without me knowing so everybody in the kitchen could hear me.  It was pretty embarrassing.

I remember that I saw a candy house, I mean Gingerbread house that Jared made at school, and I told him that's not very creative because all it was, was he would make a Gingerbread house that he'd dumped a bunch of candy on so that he could get more candy.

"I inviting Jared to go 'Trick or Treating' with me and he said not to have a lot of people (while Trick or Treating) because he said that they give more candy when they don't see that many people with you.  But, if you have a lot of people with you, it reminds them that they have to be easy on the candy giving for the other Trick or Treaters.

"Once, Jared and me were at scouts (mutual) and the other kids were showing movies.  We didn't know what we were supposed to do so we went up on the stage behind the movie screen.  What we saw was the backward movie and everyone else saw it front ward, but we didn't get too close because we didn't want anyone to see us through the screen.

"Sometimes when we had nothing to do at scouts, we would spy on the other ward (group of kids using the building). One time they were having some donuts so we "blended" in with them so we could take some. But they recognized me and they kicked me out, so I had Jared distract them while I got some donuts.  It worked so good that they just said, "ahh, just take them!"  When they were done that night they let us take a box of goodies home. that worked pretty good.

"I remember how I met Jared. When I first met him he was in Kindergarten and first grade with me. We weren't in second grade together but saw each other at recess.  We didn't like each other as much back then but then Jared invited me to one of his birthday parties. I thought he was pretty nice so my brother, Stephen, told me I should invite him to my house sometime to show him thanks. So I did that and we became friends.

"One time at the winter camp out (scouts), me and Jared went on an intertube at the same time to retrieve a sled at the bottom of the hill.  Jared's tube was the fastest one.  As we are heading down the hill we hit a bump and flipped over and Jared landed right on me, knocking the air out of me. I walked up the hill with some of the air knocked out."

A picture of Brians fanciful art 

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