On May 9th, 1998, I faxed the letter below to the Pasco school district attorney, making a claim for Jared's chiropractic and doctor expenses.  I also asked the school district to make it right with Jared, clearing him of the 3 day suspension for the assault on him, called a "fight" by the school.

On May 11th, Jared and I stopped by the office of the school district attorney to be sure he received the claim letter.  He had.  We discussed how this assault had hurt Jared and that it was important that JUSTICE be done for Jared's sake.  He assured us that everything would be taken care of and that Jared's medical bills would be paid.

It's not that he lied, because I think his motives were good and that he expected our claim would be taken care of, but the school district lawyer is never the final word.  Of course I can't prove it, but my guess is that the Superintendent, (who had vengeance in his heart for me because when I was on the School Board I refused to renew his eternal contract), told the lawyer and the school insurers to tell me where to go, thus taking out his anger on my son, Jared.

What was I asking for Jared?  An apology and about $1,600 dollars in medical bills.  In the end, I lost my son and endured years of litigation.

What did this arrogance cost the Pasco School District?  Instead of giving Jared an apology and paying approximately $1,600 in medical bills, they paid approximately $415,000 over 3 1/2 years and lost the trust of many people who have watched them treat us, and others, with the same disregard.

How easy it could of been to give a 12 year old boy the apology and help he deserved.  So little was required to help Jared heal from a tragic assault from a bully.  But, a bully of another kind changed the lives of this family, Jared's friends, and many others touched by his suicide on September 29, 1998.  I can only hope that other school districts may learn something from all of this and that in the future, one life may be saved, just one,  ....someday.

To: Pasco School District
Ken R., Attorney

From: Brenda High

Date: May 9, 1998

Subject:  Request for claim payments for Jared High

On Wednesday May 6th , my son Jared (12 years old) was beaten and repeatedly thrown against walls, kicked, and punched in the stomach by Andrew S., a very large 8th grader at McLoughlin Middle School. Andrew brutalized Jared repeatedly inside the gym at McLoughlin for about 10 minutes. Many times Jared called “Teacher”, “Teacher” and no one came to save him from more abuse. Knowing there was no one around to save Jared, Andrew came back several times and beat on him. Jared bore no fault in this matter, and did not tease, swear or mouth off to Andrew.  Andrew, in fact, told him he would kill him many times during this attack.

Incredibly, my son Jared was given a 3 day suspension from School for “fighting”. The only “fighting” Jared got in was one kick while he was down on the ground after being thrown there. Andrew just laughed and kicked him back.

I did not find out about this “fight” until I got home late Thursday night. At that time I did not have the whole story about Jared’s suspension.

On Friday (May 8th) I filed a report with Deputy Darrell C. (File 98 FS 2905), after a shocking visit to Jared’s Chiropractor Dr. S. Z. We looked at Jared’s before X-ray and then his after X-ray and realized he had been seriously hurt. To quote Dr. Z., “It looks like he’s been through a major car accident.” If he had been thrown one more time, we felt he may have had his neck broken and died. According to Dr. Z. Jared will need many visits, more than our insurance covers, to handle the trauma to his neck, shoulders, hips, and spine.

After visiting with Dr. Z. and Officer C., I took Jared to his regular family Doctor (Charles K./Albert B.). The doctor confirmed that his repeated vomiting was most likely caused from stomach punches or kicks to the stomach. Jared also was (and still is) extremely sore, had diarrhea, no appetite and had not slept since the “fight”. At this time the doctor ordered Hydroxyzine for nausea and insomnia.

Jared needs to have his record cleared at McLoughlin and have his suspension thrown out. He would of missed school anyway because he was throwing up all the time, nevertheless he needs a clean record when he did not provoke or initiate this “fight”. I am scared to send him to school next week because his life was threatened by Andrew several times during the attacks and it is obvious to me that Jared can’t be protected even while he is IN the school, let alone after school or on the school grounds. We have seen on the news, recently, many examples of what angry boys can do to fellow classmates. It totally amazes me that a young man, such as Andrew could be so brutal. And according to Vice Principal A., Andrew has even improved over the last 3 years since he’s been to Middle School. Heaven help the next smaller child he attacks.

I thus file a claim of injury compensation for Jared High in an unspecified amount, total cost unknown, as a result of negligence and failure of McLoughlin Middle School for not having proper supervision inside and outside of the school. If when Jared cried for help, someone, even a volunteer parent, would have been there, all of this may have been avoided.

Because Andrew S. has a past history of abuse and “Bullying” of his classmates and has in this case threatened to kill Jared, he is an threat and danger to Jared and other students. Andrew should be given an emergency expulsion and receive anger counseling, and a strong talking to about his behavior towards his fellow students. He came very close to committing murder last Wednesday and I hope he doesn’t want to spend his young life living with that type of act.  If he doesn’t get help it won’t be long before a mother is grieving over her dead child.               (...This was a bit of prophecy here)

The students who were present and laughing with Andrew as he brutalized Jared are not blameless in this incident. A letter and telephone call home to their parents about this case would be advised. Remember, these students took no action to prevent this beating and, in fact, became an accessory to the beating when they encouraged Andrew by laughing at his criminal activity. If I were their parents I would want to know that my child had a “friend” like this so I could advise them to make a better choice.

Please contact me quickly in this matter. Jared will need to visit with Dr. Z. on a very regular basis until his neck and back gets back to normal.

Brenda High

HEAR JARED'S VOICE - PLAY - From an interview with Pasco School District investigators concerning the assault.  This is a recording of a recording and it isn't real clear, but worth the download effort.  Jared had a real mellow voice.   Note: If you have a slow load wav, wait for it to load entirely and then play again from the start.   5 minutes long




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