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Corinne’s Story
By her mother, Rochelle Sides
Co-Director, Bully Police USA and Director, Bully Police Texas

Corinne Celice Wilson was born on Monday, September 30, 1991 at 2:06 PM.  She is the youngest of four children and the only girl.  She was the most beautiful baby with big blue eyes and blonde curly hair.  From the day she was born she was an amazing child, I know that every mother says that, but she was so bright and full of personality.  She did everything early, said her first word at 8 months, walked by 11 months.  I should have known then what I was in store for, but as a young mother of four I just thought it was because she was trying to keep up with her older brothers.

A few months before Corinne was 2 her biological father and I separated and later divorced.  I met the man Corinne knew as her Daddy when she was barely 3, we all moved to Texas in 1995.  Corinne seemed to blossom under all of the love that my husband’s family gave her, especially her Grandma Jewel, who fell madly in love with Corinne from the first day, as most people did that met her.  That all changed when we moved to Rockdale in 2000.  She had trouble from the first day, she missed her old school and friends and didn’t feel as if she fit in here. 

I thought that if she played a sport that would help her to meet people, unfortunately it made it worse.  It was Corinne’s first year playing softball and she was placed on a team of girls that had played for a considerable amount of time.  They teased her relentlessly about her inability to play, she would cry after every practice.
....  I spoke to the coach about it and it seemed to let up, but they continued to exclude her at practice which followed through to school.  Corinne would periodically come home from school crying saying “No one likes me, I hate it here”.  I would tell her to try to be nice to one person every day and soon she would have a friend.  It seemed to work, she made a friend and they seemed inseparable.  However, that is when the trouble started for us, as Corinne started changing her personality to match her new friend’s.  My husband and I thought it was a phase.  It came to a head when Corinne and this girl got into trouble when they were at the girl’s house.  Her father and I ended the relationship, so we thought. 

Corinne on her Birthday
September 30, 2004

For some reason this girl had a hold on Corinne that we could not break.  Corinne did make other friends, but they all included this girl.  This continued with not much problems for the next year and half.  Corinne was now in the 6th grade and really starting to become a beautiful young girl.  Boys were interested in her and vice a versa.  I think that is where the bullying began; these girls were not near as pretty as Corinne and became jealous. 

Corinne was also excelling in academics as well.  At first they would exclude her, make her cry, then make up.  Then they started to tell Corinne she was fat and her hair was frizzy and make fun of her one day then befriend her the next, Corinne was so confused.  Over the summer of her 6th grade going into 7th grade year Corinne attended a basketball camp at Baylor University and lost some weight, she grew a few inches and was starting to be more confident in her appearance and abilities.  This made the viciousness of their comments and jealousy increase. 

They started a campaign against Corinne after she had been selected from over 500 contestants to sing in a karaoke contest in Waco.  Corinne was so happy about it and proud of herself.  They started again with saying she was fat, ugly, her hair was frizzy and she couldn’t sing.

It came to a head on October 6th, 2004, that morning in PE one of the girls slapped her and called her a whore. Then wrote her notes all day telling her that she was fat, ugly, had ratty hair and they wished she was dead and that she should just go home and kill herself.  These girls decided that this was the “Theme of the Day” that Corinne should go home and kill herself.  I knew my daughter very well; she was a very loving, sensitive person.  I can only imagine the hurt and confusion my daughter was feeling that day.  These girls were supposed to be her best friends and they wanted her dead.   At one point Corinne wrote on her desk in one of her classes, “This school hates me”, over and over again.  I have been told that she had her head down and cried all day.  Just as Corinne left from school that day, these girls said it again.

School let out early that day, for conferences, her brothers picked her up as they always did.  Corinne asked them to drive by one of these girls so she could say something to her, her brother told her no, they needed to get home.  Her brother Richard left for work at 2:00 pm.  Her brother Ronald says that she was drawing devil horns on all of one of her friend’s pictures, and running up and down the stairs from my room the entire afternoon.  Later we found out that she had been trying to find a gun. 
Ronald left for work just before 4:00 pm and I was home by 4:45, where I found her dead from a single gunshot to her forehead. 

Corinne left no note, which makes me believe she did not want to die, she just wanted a break from the pressure and to show those girls how bad they were hurting her.  Her father and I believe that Corinne really thought she would just get hurt and spend sometime in the hospital and it would fix it all, which did not happen. Instead of listening to our daughter perform at the rodeo, her father and I buried her.

The pain of losing our daughter is immeasurable.  My husband wrote in her eulogy that they say you don’t know what you have until it is gone, but we knew, we knew Corinne was an amazingly beautiful, talented and loving person that made everyday spent with her a better day.  Her family has lost everything on October 6th, 2004  and the world has lost more than they will ever know.
Corinne with her niece Hillary

Corinne's mother, Rochelle Sides, is now serving as the Director of Bully Police-Texas, and the Co-Director of Bully Police USA, a watch-dog group that advocates for children who are bullied and works with lawmakers to get anti bullying laws enacted -

Corinne is featured in the book, "Bullycide in America, 
Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection."



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