Danielle's Page
Dedicated to her Grandpa

Dear family,
I am sorry for the loss and i hope you will feel better soon.  We miss him dearly and greatly but we will rejoin him once more in the gathering.  We will miss his company and his smiles.  We wish the doctors could have saved him from the 12 cancer tumors that took over his brain and killed him.  We will pray for him every day and we will pray for your family too.  We will hope to see you at church.  The families here have sorrow for your family.

Church members

Dear Nana,
I am so sorry for your loss and i try not to think to hard about how much better life would have been with him.  I wish that i could have said good bye and i will always pray for you and family.  If i could say how much i miss him it would be more than anything.   He was like a second father and you are like a second mother to me.  We lived together for 3 years and that meant a lot to me and to my mom. And i haven't thought of what to say when we scatter his ashes.   I can't say how much he meant to me.

Love Always,
Danielle S.

My papa ( grandpa ) meant so much to me and if i could have him back so he could hold me tight and tell me that he loves me then i would never forget those moments.  I regret forgetting some of the times we spent together.   And if anybody feels the same way or knows what i am going through then please e-mail me at: danibanny78 (at) yahoo (dot) com or danidogs300 (at) myway (dot) com and please share your story with me.


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