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"Depression: The inability to find joy in the journey"


"Jared High did not exhibit the symptoms of clinical depression prior to the May 6, 1998 incident with A. S. at McLoughlin Middle School and its subsequent disciplinary aftermath.  In the weeks and months following, however, Jared High developed the symptoms of a major depressive episode.  By the nature of the diagnosis, a major depressive episode develops over time.  By September, 1998, Jared High had a diagnosable condition of clinical depression.  In my opinion, the May 6, 1998 physical altercation at the hands of A. S. and the subsequent discipline of Jared High by McLoughlin Middle School Vice Principal L.A. are significant causal factors  in the development of that depression, such that it is unlikely that Jared would have developed that depression and the impulse to commit suicide if those events had not occurred.


"It is my professional opinion that Jared High's state of mind at the time of his suicide was distorted and irrational, that his thinking at the time was characterized by feelings of hopelessness and 'tunnel vision' such that he could see no alternatives.  Such feelings and thoughts are a direct result of processes over which Jared High had no volitional control, based in both the biological and psychological roots of his depression.  Because of these factors, Jared High was unable to resist the impulse to end his suffering through suicide.


Deposition of Dr. Alan L. Berman, a Clinical Psychologist practicing in Washington D.C.    (Read more of Dr. Berman's deposition at


Psychologists, and doctors such as Angelo Cuzalina, believe that some people have a genetic tendency towards depression, some develop depression because of environmental triggers, and some people can have both genetic and environmental triggers, (See "Teen Depression and it's Causes").   Jared developed depression from the trigger of bullying at school as well as an assault by a bully in school.  The new term being used to describe this type of teen Suicide is, "bullycide," a suicide caused from the effects of bullying.


Below are a few articles about depression that might help the reader to understand depression better.  Also, please support the advertisers on this page and check out the services they might offer.  With knowledge comes solutions to, sometimes, lifelong problems.


One more thing - If you believe you have depression, don't let this brain-fog continue to control you or your destiny.  Ask for help and seek competent medical solutions and opinions.  You are not alone in your suffering as there are many people who suffer with depression.  There are also many people who want to help.  Please give those who love you a chance to support you in your journey to become depression-free.


Brenda (Jared's mom)


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The diagnosis and treatment of depression and other psychiatric disorders requires trained medical professionals.  The information provided above is to be used for educational purposes only.  It should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis and treatment of any mental/psychiatric disorders.  The books are recommended as a reference, not as medical advice.


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