What I really like about this cake, which the kid's like for their birthday cake, is that it's so easy to make that even a lousy cook, like me, can do it.  If you make a mistake it will probably taste even better!  And it's so fun to make that even the birthday child likes to help.  It's best to surprise your child the first time you make it though, because when they come across the worms they will have that 'ouuuah' look on their face that is priceless to see. 

By the way, it's great for all ages too, and if the teens don't like the gummy worms, they can give the gift of a worm to someone they love... and they wash pretty good too. 
You will need:
A regular sized package of Oreo (or Mint Oreo) cookies.  For a variation in taste - add a half dozen mint cookies. 
Small tub of Whipped cream
Instant Pudding - Chocolate or Vanilla or whatever desired (For a big dirt cake use two or more packages) 
Milk (for the instant pudding) 
Gummy Worms (some stores offer this in the bulk/bins food section) 
Put the Oreo cookies in the freezer, at least overnight.  This makes the cookies easier to blend in the blender to crush into a 'dirt like' substance.  Make 'dirt' with the whole package.
Make up the Instant Pudding and add the whipped cream.  I like to swirl the combo and not completely mix it.
OK - Put a layer of Oreo dirt in the bottom of the cake pan then a layer of pudding/cream mix.  Now put the worms strategically in the pudding.  Gross,... it looks so real!
Put another layer of pudding and Oreo dirt and then cover and put the cake in the refrigerator for an hour or more.  (This "worm" cake can be layered as many times as there are ingredients.)
This is a no-stress dirt cake.  Have fun making it, looking at it and eating it.  Trick candles are fun for this type of cake, and vanilla ice cream on the side.
Get the video camera out.   Enjoy!!
Sonja, (Jared's sister), demonstrates how to make Dirt Cake


A Healthy Bonus Recipe: 
The best Pumpkin Seeds that you've ever had - and a fun and healthy treat! 
Don't throw out the seeds from your pumpkins this year.  After carving the pumpkin, have the kids separate the seeds from the "goop" and then rinse the seeds in water.  They're pretty slippery so be careful not to lose them down the sink.  Drain them and put them in a tupperware container. 

This is the secret to having the best pumpkin seeds you've ever tasted - Sink the seeds in olive oil and a teaspoon of salt, stir, cover and let the seeds sit overnight (or all day if you start in the morning).  Sometimes I've even let the seed sit for 48 hours. 

Get a huge cookie pan out and scoop and drain all the seeds out of the container of oil and on to the cookie pan.  You want a little oil on the cookie sheet, but not too much.  You might want to soak up some of the oil with a couple of paper towels.  Salt lightly, as you don't want to take away from the good natural flavor of the pumpkin seed.  You can also use garlic salt if you like a garlic taste, but go lightly.  I've even put popcorn cheese on some of my seed bakes.    Expect to spoon out excess oil in the middle of cooking. 

Put the heat on about 350 and cook for 20 minutes.  Stir and drain any oil.  Cook another 20 minutes. Stir.  It might take up to an hour to cook, so keep checking the seeds every 20 minutes until they are brown and are "crackling" in the oven.  They should "crunch" when you eat them.  Oh, eat the whole shell and seed.  There is no need to separate the shell to get the inside seed out.  It's going to taste great and pumpkin seeds are very healthy treat and a wonderful gift to give to your friends on holidays.

One More Bonus Recipe...

CRAVING SOME CHOCOLATE?  (...Just a little?)


Rather than go out and buy a whole candy bar, why don't you try this little recepe' for that chocolate craving.  It's healthier because you can use the "no buzz" organic chocolate chips and peanut butter, and when you are done you don't feel as guilty because you didn't eat a whole, 350+ calorie candy bar.  Here is a quick recipe that I made up to take care of those horrible chocolate cravings. 

Get a small cup (tupperware bowl is fine) and mix:

About 6 mini marshmallows (organic is best) OR one small packet of Xylo-Sweet

1 handful of Organic Chocolate Chips (a healthy alternative)
2 maraschino cherries and a little juice
A couple of broken up walnuts (good brain food)
1/2 Teaspoon of Strawberry Jam (or Hot Pepper Jam)
A tiny bit of Vanilla
1/2 Tablespoon of unsweetened organic coconut flakes
1 spoonful of Peanut Butter (organic is good too)

Put it in the microwave until you see the marshmallows puffing (about 25 seconds in my microwave) and then quickly stir.  Put back in the microwave for about 20 more seconds and then quickly stir again.  Mash up the maraschino cherries and it becomes saucy.   Regular Chocolate Chips will give you a caffeine buzz, so if you want a good nights sleep don't use non-organic chocolate chips with-in six hours before bedtime.  You can buy organic products at your local Health Food Store.  If sugar is a problem, then cut out the mini marshmallows and use all sugar-free organic products in your mix or one packet of Xylo-Sweet or I recommend checking out www.WheyLow.com for their diabetic sugar - tastes fantastic.  ...What do I call this?  I've never named it.  Maybe I should call it "Microwave Chocolate Delight?" ..
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