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Emails from people who have "been there, done that" - they have lost someone to suicide, have thought of, or are

thinking about suicide. Emails from people enduring, or have endured bullying or have suffered from depression.

Other people's stories...  JANUARY - JULY 1999

July 5, 99 - Farrah says...

"I visited a website today that linked me here. Thank you very much for awakening me, my senses, my thoughts. I'm not going to pretend to know your pain, but I feel it... in your words... the pages. Thank you for sharing his life. I'm forever changed."

June 27, 99 - Sarah (from Zimbabwe) says...

(Concerning the page on abortion) "I'm shocked and upset to read that such occurrences are going on in the States, it makes me want to weep, precious life that looks to us adults for protection and comfort... In Zimbabwe abortion is still illegal, but has been passed in South Africa under the new African government... Good Luck with your fight."

June 14, 99 - Gregg says...

"...I just wanted to leave you with my impressions of your website. I believe it has the potential to help many suicidal people, and to help many people who may be suffering from the loss of a loved one."

June 9, 99 - Steve & Linda say…

"The loss of a child, to suicide, is so devastatingly traumatic it defies words to explain. We will mark the second anniversary of Scott's, (their son), death the 17th of this month. We are trying to make the best of the worst of experiences and to help make a difference somehow."

May 31, 99 - Gordon says…

"How I got to the story of your son I don't know but reading what was written encouraged me to write to you. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention that God looks at the hows of your journey home, but that you have come home to Him. Please be comforted in the knowledge that Jared is resting comfortably in the loving embrace of our Lord and Savior and free from the pain and torment that drove him to the decision he made. …Gain strength in the knowledge that someday when you are called home Jared will be there with outstretched arms welcoming you."

May 19, 99 - Anne says…

"You have done a really nice job with the website. I am sorry to learn about the death of your son but am glad to see that you choose to celebrate his life. I recently lost a close friend to suicide…"

May 15, 99 - Jesse says...

"I just viewed your work. I am very impressed, moved and touched. My mother took her own life 24 years ago. It is a memorable event, forever."

May 6, 99 - Laura says...

"I really think that your webpage is a great idea..., and I feel it will help many troubled teens. I am fifteen now, but a couple years ago I went through a really hard time and even attempted suicide more than once myself. I am very fortunate though, that my attempts never succeeded. I believe every teenager has one or more times in their life growing up when they believe

suicide is their only hope. Now I realize, after some help, that suicide is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And, my problems then were temporary. I just wanted to tell you that this webpage may be just what some suicidal teenager will need to realize this too."

Apr 21, 99 - Anne says...

"Hi there!! Just happened onto your site Jaredstory.com and have added it to my favorites... I check everyday for new additions. Not sure why ...just a feeling I had about it. Well ...have a great day!!"

Apr 2, 99 - Kelly says...

"i did a search on the internet, trying to find a recipe for oreos and pudding, and i was directed to your website. not only did i find a great recipe (thanks!) but also a very interesting ...story. ...I could not help but be touched by your own message of hope and encouragement. thank you so much for your testimony."

Mar 19, 99 - Locowolf says...

"I just read Jared's story. My heart goes out to Jared and you as the family. It is very unfortunate that this happened. I was a child of much violence when I went to school. ...Perhaps one day the children of the future will be able to be safe but until that day we must all ban together to do our part to keep them safe. My word are small and does little to comfort your loss but perhaps knowing one more person took the time to hear your sons story will help."

Feb 16, 99 - Creg says…

"Love the site, especially the meaning of life section… tells the story in a powerful and awesome way…"

Jan 16, 99 - Joan says…

"Just got through reading your website. What a proactive approach to dealing with your grief. Suicide is so difficult to deal with. (My son) had a friend that committed suicide about 3 years ago. …It was very difficult for us to deal with, and we weren't that close. (My son) went to the funeral with the counselors and some of the other kids. …We know Jared is someplace safe and happy, surrounded by people who love him."

Jan 15, 99 - Lisa says…

"I just read the entire web site you have made for Jared. I am so sorry this has happened to your family. One can only hope that a similar situation will never happen again."


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