Email from people who have been through, thought of, or are thinking about suicide, bullying, or depression.
In memory of
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Other people's stories...  OCTOBER 2000

Oct. 30 - Stephanie says...

"i had to do a report about teen suicide. while i was searching for information about it i came across this site and took it to heart. i'm am now living by the advice you wrote in THE STORY OF LIFE. and i just wanted to thank you for writing it. i really enjoyed it and you brought a sense of worth in my life."

Oct. 30 - Janice says...

"I looked up the site today, wow what a wonderful job you have done.  I haven't seen
everything yet.  I did go to about you.  I had to laugh, you and I have so much in common it is
remarkable.  We love the same books, music and of course I am a trekie and love any kind of sci-fi stuff.  Boy am I mad that they are taking the Pretender off the air."

Oct. 20 - Anonymous says...

"i just wanted you to know that that was a really sad story! I cannot believe how things turned out but he's w/ god now and that's all that matters right? he's happy i'm sure! please e-mail me to tell me you got this ok?  thank you so much for sharing that!"

Oct. 19 - Ali says...

"Maybe I should say, 'Thanks God', ...I have my family and friends around... I have health... It used to seem like a highway with no traffic, a road which you would like to choose to go home after work... A better choice... Yes I used to think about choosing that road a lot when I was 17. I don't know what stopped me...  I don't know how I can share your sorrow.  I'm trying to imagine how you feel... I cant... It scares me... I live in Turkey. I don't know how I got to your site... It is 22:50 here... I came home from office ...An ordinary day. I have my candles in my room, my cigarette and a glass of wine... This glass is for JARED! REST IN PEACE JARED! YOU LEFT A WONDERFUL MOM HERE!"

Oct. 12 - Nancy says...

"I do appreciate your website regarding Jared. I am a clinical social worker who has worked with depressed and suicidal adolescents and their families for many years.  I cannot begin to touch your pain but I do appreciate you channeling your pain by helping others.  Keep up the good work."

Oct. 2 - Lizzy says...

"Hi I am senior Marian High school in Bloomfield hills michigan . I am doing a research paper on teen suicide. I would be very interested in any information you have about coping with the tragedy of suicide, or another information that you may have. I understand if you do not want to share anything."  (I would recommend "Dealing With Grief, or Surviving Suicide")

Oct. 2 - "Cateyesno" says...

I am so sorry about your son......  I know almost how you feel.  The 21st of this month will be 2 years since I have lost my best friend.... It wasn't from suicide, but it was in a car accident.... She was 24 years of age....  She left behind 4 beautiful babies.... That I LOVE DEARLY..... I wish that she was around to see them grow.... Into BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT ADULTS, but she has missed out on the last two years.  (In the end... it doesn't matter how death comes, it's a hard thing to bare for those left behind)

Sept. 27 - Kate (UK) says...

"Thank you for sharing the kindness love and courage you have in this site and for such a fantastic tribute to Jared."

Sept. 25 - Meaghan says...

"i'm doing research on suicide's and i have used your website as a reference and i need to know when you started it. if you could please let me know, i would appreciate it so much. thank you!" ( was put on the web in January 1999 as a healing project for 'mom')

Sept. 15 - Wesley says...

"Covering all the bases are the words to a popular song. Did you get the words from the song, or did the song get the words from you? (from a book, 'Chicken soup for the Soul') Have you heard He's my Son, by Mark Schultz (at  I have not read all the words in each story, but do you state what happened to Jared, and/or why?" (Jared was the victim of an assault inside his Middle School by a bully and was never the same afterwards)

Sept. 14 - Judy (from Michigan) says...

"First, let me express my sincere sympathies to all of you. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child, losing one so young and losing him to suicide. My heart bleeds for you.  I kind of "accidentally" surfed in to your site by searching for a dirt cake recipe. When I clicked on your match, I was intrigued and had to check out the rest of your site. It is a wonderful tribute to an incredible young person. You are to be commended. I hope that you will find strength in God, friends, family and in these words that you receive from strangers like me on the Internet."

Sept. 14 - Sarah says...

"hi, my name is sarah and i am an 8th grader.  I am doing a project on teen depression, and stress. I was just wondering if Jared was under a lot of stress?  Please write back this is very important to me." (Yes, and stress could be a sign of depression)

Sept. 14 - Brenda says...

"I was very impressed with what I saw on - did you do all that? (pretty much) Then I read your bio - and there's enough similarity that maybe we could be twins (?) - well, somewhat! (and we have the same name too)  I related strongly to the 'chocolate' part. Just thought I'd say hi - actually here in North Carolina it's 'hey' most of the time.  Thank you for the wonderful information you provided on using magnets for health."

Sept. 12 - a dad in Maryland says...

"I'm a father of three kids. I can't imagine the pain you suffer when you lost your child. I really feel so sorry about what happen to your son I appreciate the courage to tell other people about this. I will take in consideration all your hints to prevent this to happen. God bless you."

Sept. 12 - Anna says...

"Hello my name is Anna and I just turned 19 yesterday. I am writing you to tell that I believe what you are doing (with the web page) is wonderful. I am currently a 2nd year student in college and I am enrolled in a speech course. My teacher has asked me to pick a topic that I believe is a problem for teens today, I chose youth suicide. I will be going around to local high schools and middle schools giving my speech. I was wondering if it would be ok if I used you and your son in my speech? I believe your story will help bring this topic to a reality. Thank you for your time." (That's great!)

Sept. 4 - Arianne says...

"...I want to thank you very much for the help that you have gave me. I printed out the 30 suggestions that you have down on the site to keep your mind off the death of a loved one.  Last Wednesday, August 30th my boyfriends family lost a very close "soon to be close" family member.  My boyfriends sisters fiancé was killed in an automobile accident.  He was only 18.  Graduated top of the class, most popular boy, voted "Cutest Smile", and loved Jen, (his fiancé), like no one could love anyone else. ...We just buried him yesterday, Sunday September 3rd.  ...Not only will his family feel grief for a long time, but Jen and Doug dated 4 years.  He was her shadow. Where ever Jen was, Doug was right behind. ...This has to be the hardest time in one's life, and once I read your articles, I printed them off in word and I am going to buy both Jen and the mom a journal to write in. I know that they will feel less pain after reading some of them..." 

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