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Stupid Moves Can Ruin Your Financial Plan

Engaging in just a little bit of active financial planning can go a long way toward securing your future. However, the best laid plans are still subject to mistakes from time to time. Making a stupid move could cost you in a big way and set you back in your financial plan. Some common mistakes could force you to reevaluate your situation and tweak the plan a bit.


Getting a DWI

One example of a stupid mistake that could set you back financially is getting a DWI. Many people have a few drinks with friends and then decide to drive home. You could get pulled over for having a tail light out or for a rolling stop at a stop sign. Regardless of why you get pulled over, if you have any alcohol in your system, you could be charged with a DWI. This not only looks bad on your driving record, but it could cost you thousands of dollars for a single mistake.


You may have to hire a skilled DWI attorney to get yourself out of this mess. Hiring a good attorney will cost you some money and you may have to pay a fine on top of that. In some cases, you may have your license revoked which will affect your ability to get to work and earn more money. Before getting behind the wheel after drinking, you may want to think about the potential financial consequences.


Not Buying Insurance

Although insurance is a pretty common thing to buy, many people overlook risks in their everyday lives. For example, most people have life insurance, but never even consider buying disability insurance. If you die, your family will be taken care of with your life insurance policy. However, if you are permanently disabled, you may not be able to bring in any income and you will still have all of your same obligations. Having an income while you are disabled is vitally important and if you don't have disability coverage, you're putting yourself at risk. Becoming temporarily or permanently disabled could set back your financial plan in a big way.


Getting Off Track

Coming up with a financial plan is always a good idea. However, many people make unnecessary purchases or expenditures which take them off track. If you're going to set up a financial plan for yourself, you must stick to the plan and avoid any unnecessary expenses.


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