Favorite Memories from Abby 
(In a letter to Jared's parents)

I went to school with Jared all the way through 6th grade. I have some amazing memories of him and I wish to share a few with you.

In 5th grade I met your son, I thought he was amazing, especially when he was outside at recess on the monkey bars or playing foursquare. He was a very good friend of mine and I loved talking with him. He always seemed so daring, so ready to do anything. I was thoroughly shocked when he came to school with a cast on his arm and told me he fell out of a tree.

I always thought he was such a sweet boy. My favorite memory of him was when my mother talked me in to inviting "that boy I talk about so much" to the movies.  I thought it was a splendid idea and proceeded to call him. We had originally planned to see "Mars Attacks" but since it wasn't playing anywhere at that time we went to "Beverly Hills Ninja". We had a great time and I got so mad at my little brother Elliot for teasing me about this "date"  I was going on. But I finally managed to convince him this was just a friendly get-together.

I have some sad memories too. When I was in 6th grade I had other friends and I loved hanging out with them too.  Jared and I both seemed to drift apart and after a while we didn't talk anymore except for a quick "hi" or "what's up" on our way to the next class. But I do remember that Jared, ...had a very dashing smile.


HEAR JARED'S VOICE - PLAY - From an interview with Pasco School District investagators concerning the assault.  This is a recording of a recording and it isn't real clear, but worth the download effort.  Jared had a real mellow voice.     Note: If you have a slow load wav, wait for it to load entirely and then play again from the start.   -   5 minutes long>>
Video posted on YouTube


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