Government & The Subject of Money


The government is telling us that inflation is dead and the economy is robust, yet inflation numbers, as measured by the CPI, are at a nine year high and the global economy is in a meltdown.

The establishment is advising us to put all our saving and retirement assets into stocks and mutual funds and that gold is a bad investment. Yet gold is at a 20 year low ("buy low, sell high") and a much more prudent investment than stocks which are at their all time highs.

And many economist believe that everything attached to paper will be devalued drastically within the first few years of the 21st Century. We have not had an economic "correction" since 1933 and no one knows the true value of anything. When a collapse occurs everything will go back to zero and prices will be established in a ratio to gold or silver.


What might be the action that would cause the massively inflated financial balloon to finally see it's demise? 

  • A global cash crunch.

  • A U.S. cash crunch caused from Stock Market wild downward swings.

  • The Government's printing of 50 billion dollars of extra paper to prevent a runs on banks, (which has already been authorized).  A former head of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving said that "if all the presses ran twenty four hours a day, seven days a week they could not print more than twenty billion dollars".

  • Foreign Countries who don't know how to prepare for, or detect financial trends, let alone solve them. This is where there is some good news, for those who are prepared.

The bottom line is that we have time to accumulate Gold and Silver before a collapse occurs. But consider this, people were warned about many calamities to come in Biblical days and many Economist have warned us of potential negative financial scenarios.  What we do for ourselves and our family from here on is now our responsibility.  

I would recommend reading; "The Making of America" which you can get on Amazon.

This book by W. Cleon Skousen, gives an excellent education on money and the Constitution.

What is your share of the U.S. debt?

"'Now, I, the Lord, am not well pleased with the inhabitants of Zion, for there are idlers among them; and their children are also growing up in wickedness; they also seek not earnestly the riches of eternity, but their eyes are full of greediness.  'These things ought not to be, and must be done away from among them,' (D&C 68:31-32). We see evidence of many parents who overindulge their children without adding sufficient training about the value of work."     L. Tom Perry


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Bullycide in America

Many have asked,

"What is Depression?"


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'Been There, Done That'

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"I went on a diet for

two weeks and all

I lost was 14 days"


"He who understands

interest collects it;

He who doesn't under-

stand interest, pays it!"


"Where you will be five years

from now will depend on the books

you read, what you listen to and

the people you associate with"


We must find the

answers to these

Three questions:


Where did I come from?


Why am I here? and


Where am I going

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..A Parent's role


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14-19 = Advisor - Offers suggestions


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"One man awake, awakens another.

The second awakens

his next door brother.


The three awake can rouse a town,

By turning the whole place

upside down.


The many awake can make such a fuss,

It finally awakens the rest of us.

One man up with dawn in his eyes,

Surely then multiplies."


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