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    Jared, You were one of the sweetest people I ever got to be friends with, and it hasn't been the same with out you, but when I'm down I just look up and smile. I hope you're happy where you are! Love always and forever, Courtney
    Jared was a close friend. One thing I do remember most about him, is his never givingup attitude, and how he arm wrestled all the kids at school. He had a lot of fun, and we had a lot of fun with him.  Steve
    You are in my thoughts & Prayers - A Teacher


    We miss you - ?

    you - ?

    You were a great Friend - Brandon

    We're thinking about you Lotz…  always - Jamie

    I'm missing you but I'll always remember you! - Shawn - p.s. See you in heaven

    Jared, I miss you so very much, Even the short time you were with us you were such a great friend to me. You were such a great arm wrestler you were the best at it. You were so nice to me and I thank you for it. Your parents are also great people. I am missing you so much. I will never forget you Jared, thanks. - Mathew

    …I'm missing you. - Steve

    We think about you everyday. You're in our minds and in our hearts - Scott

    Jared, We miss you very much. I pray for you and Dave, (another child that died), every night. - Katie

    Jared You were my friend and you were cool, I'll miss you, good-by - Josh

    Jared is Cool! We miss him. - A.

    Jared, You’re the Bomb. I miss you  Always - Ashley
    …You're a really cute guy!  Always - Whitney


    Jared, we miss you. - Matt

    Jared - I miss you and I wish you were here so I could tell you about my problems cause you were so thoughtful when it came down to someone else. I wish you would of tried to tell someone… It was really hard when you left us. We were all filled with sorrow, but when I'm down, I stop, think of you, and look up, and I can visualize you smiling. It makes me happy and I smile. Jared I hope to see you in heaven. I miss you and best of wishes to you and your family.  Love - Aaron

    Jared, You were an awesome guy. I wish you were still here. - Jon
    -Jared- I really wish I could've got to know you! From how I did know you, you were really nice! ..... Always - Amy
    -Jared- Hey, I didn't know you very well but if I did I'm sure I would like you. You kicked my butt in arm wrestling. If we had a re-match I'm sure I would do better. - Casey


    -Jared- I really wish that you could have been here. It was fun when you were here. - Danielle

    You are missed! - Judy (a parent)

    Jared, When you died a piece of me left... you were a good friend, miss you. - Kyle

    Jared, - I didn't know you very well. I wish I would have. I could've been a great friend & I'm sure you would be too. I wish you were here now. - §Jenny§

    Dear Jared,  We want to let you know how much we do miss you very much and always will stay in our hearts forever until we meet again when we depart for heaven. Jared, you've shared wonderful things you did for your family, church, and friends. You had a big heart to give lots of love you have done for them. You're everybody's guardian angel!    Much love from Beck's family.

    Jared, Wish you were here so we could have those arm wrestling wars again. That was fun. If you were here you would kill us in kick ball and stuff. We miss you. - Mike

    Jared - I didn't know you very well and I wish I had. I'm sure I would have liked you. You seemed very nice. Elisa

    I know Jared as a friend, he was very nice. I'm sorry about what happened, he could have been great. His friend - Davis

    Jared …you were extremely thoughtful of other people, and you were such a help. …I really miss you, but I know you love it there, much more than here. …You're our gift Jared.  Suzanne

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Brenda - On the Radio with Joyce Bender, May 2008
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mellow voice.  Note:

If you have a slow load wav,

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