by Brenda High
Finding the Perfect Home Business

Every person, young to old, male or female should have some type of  home business. A nine-to-five job rarely creates long term hope for financial security, doesn't always make ends meet, rarely make's one rich, and most of all, rarely gives the satisfaction that a home business gives.

There are thousands of things people can do in their spare time to make a little (or a lot) of money at home, besides developing many talents along the way.

Some of you can remember ways you made extra money when you were young. I remember picking up pop bottle's and cans to earn money for the movies. Of course it only cost 50 cents to see a flick at that time. I remember mowing lawns, having a lemonade stand, (which my mom dreaded), cleaning up other people's garages, running a pet sitting service when a neighbor was out of town, and picking beans so that I could earn a bike.  I just recently heard a little story, (I don't know if it was true), about a boy holding up a sign to passer's by on a busy road warning drivers of the Police Officer up the road doing radar on speeders.  Further down the road, a half mile pass the Officer, was the little boy's brother with a sign saying, "tips?"

What is something you have a passion for, something you love to do? Be sure to take the Talent and Interest Survey if you need help finding what you are good at.

Things to consider -
You have no future in a business if the company has no future.  Consider that 1 out of 3 companies go out of business.  Why?  Because, a) they have no money or financial backing - they may be surviving on enrollment fees  b) Poor management  c) Dishonest people owning or running the company.

Something you can do almost anywhere.  If you move, you can take your business, and talents you have developed  with you. If you work with a product of some type, the product should be able to be sold and used all over the world.

No need for employees, but, if you want you can hire your family for extra help. This makes a great tax plan and your children can earn money for their extra needs.  If you have a specialized need, hire a specialist or contract out the work for that job.

No accounts receivable, no payroll, sick leave, overhead, or excessive inventory.  I remember when I was a teenager my father joined a MLM company and bought a garage full of soap. That next summer I was going door to door trying to sell that soap. With today's technology and shipping methods there is no reason to bulk up on products in your garage.  Self usage is important but more than a few hundred dollars in inventory is unnecessary. If you are in a Network Marketing Company that requires this, think about switching to another company. 

A fast pay back.  It shouldn't take more than a year to start seeing some profits, but don't expect any profits without some good, old fashioned work. Some home businesses can see profits their first month if you find a product or service that is in high demand.

Low Risk. But, it's ludicrous to say that you can start and maintain a home business on no risk. Low risk only means that you shouldn't lose your house or car over your home business. It cost millions of dollars to buy some franchises today, let alone maintain that business. Expect you will put out some money for a home business, even if it's just for stamps.  If you sew, you will need a sewing machine and material. If you do yard work you will need a lawnmower and a truck to haul it in and if you have a Network Marketing business you  will need products to show and use for testimonials. If you believe you can start a  business for nothing and become a millionaire, forget it, you are wasting your time even looking. You will create a lot of SELF-STRESS, disappointment and depression from expecting too much for no investment and you have very little chance of success.

Generally, a low Investment. If you are selling vitamins or herbals it shouldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars for show products.  If you are using office equipment as part of your home business, be aware of repairs and supplies along with updates. You won't survive long on "8-track tapes" in a DVD world.

An Easy Exit. After a few months you may wake up one morning and say, "I hate my home business"!  If this happens to you than the perfect home business means you can quit if you want. But, think twice about quitting too soon, some of the best home based businesses have taken a few years of time and tender loving care before seeing profits soar.  At least give your home business 6 months before deciding to leave for something else.

I am an advocate of Network Marketing. I'll bet you couldn't tell. There are many
good companies out there to pick from. But there are some really bad ones too.
What should you look for in a Network Marketing company?

All of the Above perfect businesses  -  Joining a company as an independent rep should cost very little, generally less than a few hundred dollars. One question you might want to ask your recruiter or "sponsor" is, "Do you make any money from the sign up fee?"  If the answer is yes, this company may be an illegal pyramid scheme.  Watch out!

A product that you will use yourself  - If you don't take vitamins don't join an herbal company.  How can you be an example to your customer about what you "heard" was good. Come on... Be a faithful example to your friends and customers and use your product, whatever it is.

A product that is innovative, effective, high-tech or educational  - As mentioned above, you won't survive long on "8-track tapes" in a DVD world. A great company will have fast and quality service by mail and/or internet along with excellent support systems for their people.  I wouldn't even consider a company that didn't have a personal website set-up for distributors to send people to.

Time proven or time tested. A couple of examples of time proven:   a)  Herbal Network Marketing companies - there is a reawakening of natural and preventative care occurring in the world today.  Herbs have been used since the beginning of time with great success.  b)  Technology companies with some innovative products  c) Complexion and Skin Care Networking companies.  Women, and increasingly men, have a inborn desire for their skin to look and feel good. Be careful that the company you are looking at doesn't require a constant need to buy a new, "improved", line of products too often. This can be very draining on a hardworking home business budget.   d) Eating is time proven, everyone has to do it. Look for a company that has food that is healthy, stores well, good tasting, is not too expensive, and foods that people will consume, and order, over and over again on a consistent basis. (Be careful of "discount groceries" or coupon books that require a sign up fee or monthly charge.)  e) A proven internet network marketing based business, but, don't we wish we knew who would be the next "google" type company...

What is your share of the U.S. debt?

Training.  If you become associated with a individual who cares about helping you succeed, you have leaped light years ahead of the person who has no mentor.  Mentoring is the greatest gift network marketers can be given from an upline.  Be sure and take advantage of any training program available with the company you have chosen.


Watch out  for MLM-like "opportunities" that appear to be "Digital Money Games" with products of questionable value where the main attraction is the income, not the product or service being sold.  A good test -  Would a real person buy this product or service at the price being offered even if they couldn't earn a penny by being associated with it?  Also, could a distributor make a living just selling the product if they never recruited anyone? 


Leadership and Integrity.  If you don't like or trust the people you will be working with you should look for something else. On the other hand, if someone introduces you to the opportunity of a lifetime, you have an obligation to recruit with that person. That may sound conflicting, but if the company you have chosen is that good than you can go upline to your recruiter's recruiter and get the help you need to succeed in your home business.  Also, be sure and take a look at the company founder and his philosophies on life and business. If all he talks about is money, money, and more money, ...this doesn't sound good to me. A good Network Marketing Company will preach balance in all area's of one's life such as a Healthy Spirit, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Family, Healthy Finances, and Healthy Society.


    "'Now, I, the Lord, am not well pleased with the inhabitants of Zion, for there are idlers among them; and their children are also growing up in wickedness; they also seek not earnestly the riches of eternity, but their eyes are full of greediness.  'These things ought not to be, and must be done away from among them,' (D&C 68:31-32). We see evidence of many parents who overindulge their children without adding sufficient training about the value of work." 

    L. Tom Perry

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