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    Reasons Why Home Schools are Better Than Public Schools
  • LOVE:  Moms and Dads Love little Johnny and Jamie and they want the best for the welfare of their child. Teachers care... and Administrators could care less. Money is always the bottom line for your child's education. If your child is in Special Education they are worth more $$. If your child is in Special Education and getting Bilingual Services then they are really worth a lot of money. Money is ALWAYS the bottom line for 'caring' for your child.
  • Statistics show that children who get one-on-one attention in their educational process do better academically: Moms give better one-on-one, than teachers one-on-twenty-five. And, home schooled children's standardized tests scores are much higher nation-wide than public school children. Home school children are also less "stressed out" and thus have fewer learning disabilities associated with stress.
  • FREEDOM: Parents can decide when and where the educational process takes place. Vacations can be taken anytime with the family intact. Parents can also decide how old their child should be before starting their education. Some children are not ready at six years or eight. But, all children are ready to be read to... starting at birth. Children who are home schooled won't come home from public school tired, drained and upset from their daily regimented activities inside a classroom.
  • Parents and children can choose their own curriculum and area of study. Children who have the ability to go through their studies quickly can go on to another subject and children who are slower can get more attention and progress to their own ability.
  • Children taught at home don't have to worry about bullies and assault, harassment and teasing, rivalry, ridicule, and emotional or physical violence that may traumatize them all of their life. They also won't have to worry about being labeled a 'tattletale' if they talk about what's happening to them. According to a government study, one third of the nation's children are afraid that 'somebody might hurt them' at school.
  • Parents can help their children develop socialization skills instead of friends at school who may be lacking.  Sometimes the argument is made that home schooled children need to develop the same socialization skills that public school children get... that's a bunch of hogwash. That's why home schooled children are known to be so polite and more mature, because they don't hang out with a bunch of confused, undisciplined, and rowdy children in overcrowded classrooms.  (note: We hear about classrooms that are overcrowded... shouldn't the system be glad that parents want to ease a teacher's burden by home schooling? - No, remember, money is ALWAYS the bottom line!)
  • Parents can talk about God and Values and their religious beliefs.  Your child won't have to worry about saying a little prayer before a meal... or before a test! True freedom of religion can be practiced. Public schools practice the religion of Secular Humanism, an Anti God, Socialist philosophy for a 'robotic' generation of thinkers.  It is truly a special child who can survive the onslaught of unconstitutional propaganda taught inside public schools and still think and do spiritual things as they come home to their family after school.
  • Privacy within the family can be maintained. Parents who home school won't have to worry about intrusive information being collected on them, and their family, or surveys and data being filled out that deals with private family matters, which is none of the public school's business.
  • Sex education can be taught to the parents standards and religious values. Instead of taking the view that teens are animals with no control so they must use birth control pills and abortion to solve their immoral acts, parents can teach the value of abstinence and that because they are Children of God they have the ability to resist temptations that might hurt them emotionally and physically. Parents can teach their children about the commitment and sanctity of marriage, and that a sexual relationship can wait until marriage.
  • Home schooled children have less temptations with 1) drugs and drug abuse. 2) Swear words - which are uncommon in the home schooled child's vocabulary, whereas "F" words are commonly heard in public schools, inside and outside, even at the elementary level, and 3) immoral behavior.
  • My favorite of all is that home schooled children waste less time. They don't need to be bused or driven for hours each week to school, they don't have to wait to eat lunch, go to the bathroom and they don't have to wait until the teacher has helped 20 other kids before getting the help they need.

    An analysis released earlier this year by The National Center For Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of Education gave the following breakdown based on a survey from 2003:


  • 31 percent said they homeschooled because of concerns about the environment of schools. (See http://www.jaredstory.com/bully.html)

  • 30 percent said they wanted to provide religious or moral instruction. (See http://www.jaredstory.com/meaning_of_life.html)

  • 16 percent said they were dissatisfied with the academic instruction of other schools.

  • 9 percent gave other reasons, such as family unity and individualized teaching.

  • 7 percent said their child had a physical or mental health problem. (See http://www.jaredstory.com/body.html)

  • 7 percent said their child had other special needs.

A Parent's role

Age  0 - 5        Director

-  Controls All

Age  5 - 8        Manager

-  Arranges Things

Age  8 - 14      Guide Coach

-  Shows How

Age 14 - 19    Advisor

-  Offers Suggestions

Age 19 - 99    Consultant

-  Responds to Requests


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