"A Little Man" is Born
Jared was born on a warm day, September 23rd 1985, at The Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix Arizona by C-Section at 12:14 PM.  Jared was 8 lb. 14 oz  and with little rolls around his face, he was the largest of all his older brother and sisters. 
When his aunt Lisa saw him next to his mother she said, "That isn't a baby, that's a little man!"

His grandfather Stevens remarked, "I want the football rights!"

At a very early age, before Jared could walk, he could do a one arm pushup, surprising all who watched.  He learned to walk using a bungie cord baby seat.  Jared would jump up and down with great enthusiasm, side to side, forward and backward, stretching the bungie cord to its limits until it pulled him back.  Jared learned that having fun was moving in every direction and watching the reaction of amazed witnesses to his antics. 

Spider Boy
While still in diapers, Jared lifted the edge of the kitchen table up while Jacob, his 40 lb. brother, was sitting on it and trying to weigh it down. 

Jared had the acrobatic abilities of a monkey at 18 months.  He could climb the door frame using his fingertips and toes.  He seemed to "suction cup" himself to the top and would just hang there, and hang there, until we would give him the awes and oohs he desired and then he would climb down or jump into our, momís or dadís, arms. 

Jared was active in the L.D.S. church all his life, attending with his family.  Like all toddlers, Jared would sometimes get fussy or wiggly during a meeting so dad, in order to keep him entertained, would take him into the Cultural Hall, at the back of the church and play with him.  Jaredís favorite place to play was on the stage, which was about three and a half feet from the ground. Dad would stand him on the stage and then Jared would jump off  into his dad's waiting arms.

Sometimes dad would tease Jared by standing back too far, thinking he certainly wouldn't attempt a jump that far out, but Jared would jump nevertheless and, ready or not, dad would have to stretch himself to catch him.  Remember those "No Fear" tea shirts? Jared understood that concept at a very young age, beside having complete trust in his father. 

As many babies in Arizona do, Jared learned to swim almost before he could walk.  He loved the water and while learning to swim Jared would swim back and forth to his mom and dad in the pool, sometimes underwater. Again, his dad loved to challenge Jared by backing up, just a little, to make him stretch.  Sometimes dad let him go under before pulling him up, but Jared seemed to love the challenge, never crying, and always trusted that he would be rescued by his father or mothers hand. 

Hanging From a Van
One day while beginning to drive home from church, Jared, who was about two years old, got out of his car seat and moved behind the back seat of our Van and opened the back door.  The door swung open with Jared hanging and swinging on to the door, having a good olí time, as we drove down the road at about 30 miles per hour.  We began hearing horns honking and people were pointing with terrorized faces. This gave us a hint that something wasn't right. We stopped slowly, as mom ran to the back of the Van to investigateÖ and there Jared was, hanging on to the door, smiling.  Jared was having a great time but mom and dad were "freaked".

Eating Bugs
Jared, had an unusual appetite as a toddler. We really had to watch him carefully when he was hungry because he was really fascinated with creepy crawly bugs as mealtime delicacies. In Arizona, crickets were easy to find, inside or outside of the house, because they made a "creek-kit" sound. Jared caught a cricket and before mom could stop him he popped it in his mouth. Jared's older brother and sisters were pretty excited about this bug tasting event, but mom made him spit the crunchy critter out of his mouth.  We are not sure, but are very hopeful, that Jared never caught a roach.  Most of those disgusting creatures, in Arizona, were about an inch long and nearly indestructible.  If Jared had eaten a roach, it probably wouldn't of died until he'd chewed it to dust, which was pretty hard to do when you don't have all your teeth.

A Trip to the Hospital
Around April, 1988, mom was at the State Capital building in downtown Phoenix and Grandma Stevens was keeping an eye on Jared at her home. One eye must of  lost track of Jared for a moment and Jared found grandma's  lomoto. This is a pill that effectively stops up the (#2) bowel movements.  When mom got back from her political activities grandma mentioned that she wasn't sure whether Jared had eaten any pills.  We called Poison Control just in case, and they told us to watch for certain behaviors. Almost before we were done talking to Poison Control, Sonja, Jared's sister, brought Jared to mom because Jared was acting "weird" like he was drunk. Mom noticed that Jared's eyes were dilated, huge, so off mom and dad went taking Jared to the Hospital. 

Scottsdale Memorial got some black charcoal inside him and called an ambulance to take him to St. Joseph's in Phoenix because of insurance reasons.  Then when we got to St. Joseph's they had Jared's ambulance drivers take him to Good Samaritan Hospital because they were better equipt for babies.  The ambulance drivers were so worried by this time they were blasting their sirens as they rushed to Good Sam.  Jared was OK, but he expelled black, runny, poop for a week after his pill eating adventure.  Jared learned never to eat grandma's funny looking pills ever again.

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