Staples on Jared's Birthday

Jared turned five years old on September 23, 1990, just after moving into our home out in the countryside. This was a special birthday for Jared because he got a new bike of his own, and a neat pair of cowboy boots.

Jared couldn't wait to ride his new bike so he took his bike out for a spin and promptly ran into a barbed wire fence cutting the side of his head above his right ear. Mom took him to the doctor and they stapled up his wounds. As soon as Jared got home he got back on his bike and rode it up and down the road making motorcycle noises as he turned or sped up. Jared couldn't wait to show his friends his new bike, boots and the staples he got for his birthday.

Jared on a hillside and on a rope while camping     &     Jared with his sister at Disneyland
The Tree House

Jared was very pleased to see a large tree in the backyard of the new home.  The first order of business for Jared was to investigate making a tree house. Junk was dragged from all over to make a ramp up the tree and boards were found out in the desert in front of our house to make a platform to sit on. With the help of his sister, Tara, a fairly stable tree house was constructed. The tree house was a great spot to hide, take a little nap in the shade, eat lunch or have a club meeting, with designated members. (Tara and Jared were the two designated members.). Rarely were new members admitted to the club, unless they could comply with stringent rules, such as total obedience to demands. 

As Jared grew older, another platform was built by him in a very high spot up in the tree. This was Jared's private tree house that he could be alone and think. Since no one wanted to climb up to be with him, Jared found his quiet time undisturbed in the top of a tree.

The Dungeon Becomes a Fort

It's perfectly natural for a child to want to build forts. Most of the time they do it outside. But Jared and his sister, Tara, enjoyed building their forts in the basement of our house. The basement was nicknamed the Dungeon (see "The Skittles War") because mom didn't like going down there much, and because it seem to be a perfect name to create interest for parties, guests and friends. Actually it was a really fun place to be, since mom and dad rarely went down there, they could do whatever they desired, messes and all. Rarely did anyone ever complain about cleaning the basement up.

So Tara and Jared made a fort in the Dungeon. Every sheet and blanket in the house, not on a bed, was used and every chair. The ping pong table was rigged as the main room and the chairs were rigged up as the halls to crawl though. Many hours were spent perfecting the fort before showing it off to mom. Many times Tara and Jared would stay up all night "guarding" the fort from enemies, big brother and sister. They were like, "Fort predators", enjoying the negative reaction of a little pull on a sheet and whines of "stop it," "leave our fort alone", "I'm telling mom!", etc. 

In the end, Dad usually discovered the "mess" and made them clean it up, but not before letting them have some fun with their fort building talents for a few days.

The Sheet Kite

It could get very windy in the Tri-Cities Washington.  Normally, one would retreat to the comforts of home, watching TV or playing a board game on days like that, but Jared and his brother and sisters would take sheets out into the front yard, skillfully open them up at just the right time and, "whish" it would almost take them off the ground.  After awhile it started to scare them as the wind was very unpredictable, and what if, what if it really did take them off the ground and fly them away like a kite?  Time to go into the house - time for mom to wash the sheets.

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