Comments from Jared's Friends
At McLoughlin Middle School

We will always remember you - Stacia
Families are Forever - Mary Ann
Friends are Forever - Matt
We will always remember and love you - Kara
I'll remember you always - Lisa

We will always remember him in our hearts. We will see him soon - Lauenee
Jared, We miss you - Trina
Jared's sense of humor and imagination will not soon be forgotten. I enjoyed Jared - A Teacher
Your Smile was Precious - A Teacher
Jared was one of my best friends; I will miss him - Jon K

He was a cool guy - Tony
Friends 4 Ever - Kylie
We miss you. You were good at Gymnastics - Kan
I will always Remember you - Dustin - Vladmir - Rachel - Lacey
I will always Remember you - Samantha - Nataley - Alexis

I'll miss you, Always - Fran
Jared, I  you always and forever. (Rest in Peace) - Crystal
You've been in our prayers. Jared will always be special to us - A Teacher
We really do miss you allot - Laura
Love Always - Kimberly - Maghgn

Hope you will never forget us because we won't - Vanessa
I miss you - Zain
Remember you always Nataley - Rachel
I'll always remember you - Cortney
I will remember you - Jenelle

We  you always - Lori
I will miss you - Joni
You will be remembered - A Teacher
We will always love you - Leslie
Words can't say how much I miss you Jared, ya forever, c - you later,  - Angie

You will always be in my heart - Chenyn
Love you - Lila
You've been in my thoughts & Prayers - Charlene
I miss you Jared! You were really funny & I can't wait to see you again! - Mary Ann
He was a nice guy - Billy

We will always  U - Marybel
Miss you! - Amanda
You may have left us but we have never forgotten you - Paige
Love ya Always  - Crystal
Rest in Peace Jared - Dominique

A Super great Smile & Great guy Jared was - He'll be missed! - A Teacher
Rest in Peace Jared - Josh
I loving memory  - Javelle
Rest in Peace - Christian
I'll always remember you! - Vianey

See you when I get there - Noe
We miss you - Nelida
You'll sure be missed! - Bona
You're always in my heart. - Claudia
I love you -

You will always be with all of us! - Vanessa
Jared was a great person! Miss you a lot! Love, - Dharci
You 4 forever  - Brenda R.
Love ya! - Annie
Jared was the Best, love - Bergar>>

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Comments from friends at McLoughlin Middle School
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Check out Jonathan Watson's artwork on... 
"The Skittles War"


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This recording is from an

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Jared High.  This is a

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and it isn't real clear,

but worth the download

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mellow voice.  Note:

If you have a slow load wav,

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Jared's Life

Friends & Family


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