Jared Goes to High School

Because of constant ear problems Jared could not hear, normally, the first three years of his life. A doctor told mom and dad that because of infections, due to allergies, Jared was hearing like he was underwater.  Jared became a very physical child.  When he wanted something he would take mom or dad, or his older siblings by the hand, and point, along with some mumbling attempt to communicate.  His parents were relieved that Jared, around his third birthday, had little tubes placed in his ears in a half hour operation.  Soon after the operation, Jared went to High School for Speech Therapy before he went to Kindergarten
One day,  while at The Little Peoples Program at Paradise High School, Jared decided to climb to the top of the school's rod iron fence, which was over ten feet tall.  The teachers had just received Jared as their new student and were in a panic when they called his mom because they could not get him to come down. 
No doubt he was laughing at their attempts to do so.
Mom wasn't worried, but to keep the staff from having a heart attack she made a quick trip to the school and by the time she got there he was down, but he had a smile on his face, like he was glad that he had scared so many people by just one easy stunt. To our knowledge none of his teachers suffered any long term effects or heart attacks, but they did watch Jared a lot closer after that.

Because we lived in a busy neighborhood, Jared was confined to the backyard.  Since the family couldn't afford a guardhouse, once in awhile, when he was a toddler, Jared did managed to escape.  When Jared was potty training sometimes he wouldn't wait for mom to change his diaper and so he took the initiative himself, but most of the time his diapering job fell off, and I'm sure he was saying, "Oh well, that's not going to keep me from having fun". 

One day Jared escaped out the front door, naked.  Some nice lady driving down the road saw him, stopped her car and brought him back to the front door.  Jared had no shame, just a little crooked smile.  Mom didn't laugh.  It's very difficult to tell a toddler about the dangers of running naked on the sidewalk, but those efforts became clear when Jared got a swat on his bare bum.  Years later this story was something we all laughed at.
Jared on a skateboard
Jared waiting for his turn at T-Ball

Riding the Ramps
Jared learned to ride his sisters bike.  That really bugged Tara because she was still learning to ride her bike and she was older and wiser.  It was hard to ride a bike on the grass but it was not long before Jared was inventing "ramps".  Soon Jared was riding over boards and tables and whatever else he could find.  Most of the time he managed to stay on the trail of garbage and he rarely fell off.  Jared loved to go to the park where his bike riding skills were more refined. 

The Tonka Truck
Jared lived in Phoenix Arizona until just before he turned 5 years old.  Then his dad got a better Job in Washington State and a big move was made to Pasco.  This was upsetting for everyone and especially for Jared.  But we found a big house with a big yard and most of all Jared found a broken mashed tonka dump truck in the back yard.  Now, that really was exciting to him and all of a sudden everything was great and Jared was home

"Swim Kitty Swim!"
While moving form Arizona and visiting his Aunts house in Idaho, Jared tried to teach a kitten to swim.  In a little stream that ran in front of Aunt Mary's house, Jared held the kitty under the water and while getting scratched, told the kitty to, "Swim, kitty, swim". 

Needless to say, his Mom had to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to the kitten and she brought the kitty back to life.

More on Jared and his cats


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'Been There, Done That'

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