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Although Jared only spent 13 short years with his family, (Sept. 23, 1985 - Sept. 29, 1998), he really had a great time doing all the fun things a kid usually does.  Below you will learn about his birth and short life, and some of the neat things Jared did, even as a baby, that set him apart from most children.

As Jared's mom, I welcome you to my grief project, JaredStory.com.  You will find an abundance of stories about Jared, research concerning bullying, depression, suicide prevention and suicide, as well as some motherly advise.  There are pages with serious subject matter, as well as pages filled with laughter.   This website is not meant to be a sad or depressing website, but an educating, hopeful and loving memorial to my son, and all children who have gone home early.

Jared does 
"The Bump"
  with his sister 

If you are doing some studies on bullying, and (teen) depression, be sure and click on the other links to the right or support the advertisers on this page.  By supporting the advertisers on JaredStory.com, as well as making donations, you keep this website active on the web.  be sure and read my favorite story about Jared, "The Skittles War," and make, (and eat) Jared's favorite cake, "Dirt Cake," which I call, "Worm Cake."  It will take you back to those happy moments in your own life when all your cares were gone.


Jared's loss filled our lives with grief, but the healing has come.  Our family has found hope in understanding Jared's purpose in life and in The Meaning of Life.   As I have written some of Jared biography down for others to read, I muse over the memories I have of Jared, mostly wonderful memories.  I challenge all my readers to write down their own wonderful (and maybe not so wonderful) memories to read at a later time in life.  Your thoughts now become someone's history and wonderful memories to cherish forever.


Lots of Love from Brenda  (Jared's mom)

.Watch Jared's Story, Brenda's Story and Jared's Sister's Story featured on the

E! Network, first aired on April 21, 2010 - E! Investigates: Bullying


Jared in High School (?) and "Swim Kitty Swim"
Cats - and The Dog Who Thinks He's a Cat
Building a Tree House and The Fort in the Dungeon
Jared and The Skittles War

Dirt cake recipe' - Jared's favorite worm cake

Jared's LDS Church Talk - "Covering all the Bases"


Jared with his Cats
Jared with pet rabbits
Jared with a toad
After the Boy Scout Canoe Trip - Pick out Jared

BSA Merit Badges - Info that every kid could use

What was the cause of Jared's depression?
The Forseeable Consequences of Bullying

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Here are some of my favorite pictures of Jared


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Bullycide in America

Many have asked,

"What is Depression?"


Here is a PDF of a chapter

from my book,

"Bullycide in America",

that will give readers an

understanding of this

horrible problem

facing millions of

people every day.





This recording is from an

interview with Pasco School

 District investigators

 concerning the assault on

Jared High.  This is a

recording of a recording

and it isn't real clear,

but worth the download

effort.  Jared had a real

mellow voice.  Note:

If you have a slow load wav,

wait for it to load entirely

and then play from the start.

About 5 minutes long

About Depression

'Been There, Done That'

Jared's Life

Friends & Family