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"For my talk I have a story on faith... Covering all the bases.

"A little boy was overheard talking to himself as he walked through the back yard wearing his base baseball cap and holding his ball and bat. 

"Im the greatest baseball player in the world, he said proudly.  Then he tossed the ball into the air, swung and missed.  His faith unshaken he picked up the ball and threw it into the air and said to himself again, 

"Im the greatest player ever!   He swung at the ball again, and again he missed.  He paused for a moment, and examined the ball and bat carefully... Then once again the threw the ball into the air and said, 

"IM the greatest baseball player who ever lived!  Then he swung the bat hard and again missed the ball.

"WoW!"   He said.  What a Pitcher!

A talk given by Jared in church one Sunday

"We are all children of our heavenly father and if we think and believe that we are the greatest in the world, and have the faith.   Then we are.

"I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen."

Photo edit courtesy of Rev. Steve Martinez


A mom's reflections - A little about Jared

Jared was very gentle and loving.  I don't ever remember that he said anything bad about anyone and I never heard him call anyone a name.  He was a little tease at times, however.  He liked to sneak up on members of the family and scare us unawares, like coming out of the bathroom.   He'd get a kick out of watching us jump.

Jared had hearing problems when he was a baby and toddler, caused from ear infections and allergies.  He had two sets of tubes put in his ears before he turned 6 years old.  Unfortunately he was hearing like he was underwater and in order to communicate he would grunt and physically take us and point to what he wanted.  He started in The Little People's Program in Arizona just as he turned 3 years old.  Within a few months we started to understand what he wanted.  It was great!  But he was behind in school all of his life because of his speech delays and he was in a speech special needs class through 5th grade. 

When Jared was very young he had "trichotillomania."  No, not some horrible psycho problem.  It's a "hair pulling" condition caused from little-kid stress.  Kids of all ages do this; an estimated 1% to 2% of kids currently have trichotillomania or a history of hair-pulling.  Jared would twist his hair in one little spot on his top, right side, until there was no hair left in a quarter sized area.  We would cut his hair really short so he couldn't pull it. It worked until his hair got longer again, and then he'd start pulling again.  Most people didn't notice because he would smile real cute like and everyone would focus on that more. 

In sixth grade he took a couple of special needs classes but on the whole we were beginning to believe that he was ready to move into the mainstream of learning.  After the assault, however, he no longer could concentrate and his learning went downhill from that point on. 

Jared was a very physical child.  I have no doubt that he could of been an Olympian Trampoline Jumper, ...if there were a category for that.  His physical ability started at a very young age for him because he didn't know how to communicate verbally so he did it physically.  I think he got a lot of joy watching us get excited by his climbing walls, fences, and door jams.  Be sure and see Jared's life and the picture of Jared climbing the door jam.  He was awesome!  Jared was also a quiet child.  I think he didn't talk much because he was unsure of his speaking ability.   These are just some of the things I remember about Jared.

Playing with friends and his sister on a soapy trampoline


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Bullycide in America

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This recording is from an

interview with Pasco School

 District investigators

 concerning the assault on

Jared High.  This is a

recording of a recording

and it isn't real clear,

but worth the download

effort.  Jared had a real

mellow voice.  Note:

If you have a slow load wav,

wait for it to load entirely

and then play from the start.

About 5 minutes long

About Depression

'Been There, Done That'

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