Lyrics by Jay D Holowchak © 2000

"just 12" she said "an he's lost his grip"
"it hurt to see him bleed" "she sighed
"he could've died" she said
I watched as he covered up his head
I can't believe the school let guy do it
Now he's running away too soon
Away too soon
Just got weaker near the end
She held him tight for the tears he shed
If only he hadn't be there that day
"i wish i could turn back time" she says
"why are you so far away" she said
" i miss you"
Blood stars and black scars
I'm lost
Blood stars and black scars
Now an angel
Standing at the open window
Like a perpetual dream
So confused, such a state
Must of been lost in the daze
Lye in bed, so dead inside
Can't people see the pain he hides?
Suddenly feel so alone
A broken voice at the end of the phone
Now you watch the boy you love
Die in front of you
Blood stars and black scars
Now escaped to heaven.....

Dedicated in the memory of Jared B. High 

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