A Letter from Jonathan

Here are a few of my favorite things about Jared...

He was my best friend.
He always wanted to help people.
He was fun to be around.
He had a lot of energy.
We would always call each other on the phone and see if we could spend the night at each others houses.
We would jump on the trampoline and he was teaching me how to do a back flip.
At his birthday party we would play hide and go seek and we had a skittle fight that was really fun, we also got into some paint balls and threw them at the backboard and the cement.
Whenever we would have a report to do in school we would pick each other for partners.
We would always pick each other for partners in games at school.
I like him because he would stand up and protect others from ridicule.

Some of my favorite memories of Jared are...

When we had the skittle fight, he hid behind a closet door and I was hiding behind him so he got hit first.
One day he came to school and he had on his glasses and he was missing one of his side pieces that go over his ears and when he would walk down the halls he had to tilt his head to the side so they wouldn't fall off. It was really funny.
Every time we would go out for recess, we would play tag and he would tease us saying that he was really fast and could catch all of us and so we would all try to catch him.

I really miss him and I hope these memories are happy ones for you too.

Love Jonathan

(Jared had many friends, but Jonathan and Brian were Jared's two best friends - Thank you Jonathan for loving Jared and being his friend while he was with us.   Jared's Mom)

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