Many people are beginning to give personal, and sometimes incredible, testimony to the benefits that Bio, designed for the body, magnets have given them. This is a fascinating natural science and an astounding new technology that can help even the healthiest person feel and look better, and live longer.


Some people using these self care health magnets are getting results and relief within minutes, hours, or in just a few days, from head, neck, shoulders, back, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle and foot problems. Many people with more serious health problems are having their discomfort eased.

    Another benefit many people receive from these health magnets is an increase in energy though out the day.


    For a moment think about your family or friends, a health problem they may have, whether it is minor or severe. There have been years and years of research to prove that people can benefit from this new technology. Today, millions of people around the world are feeling better because or health magnets.


    All life, be it plant life, animal life or human life, exists in and responds to the magnetic field of the Earth. It should be made clear that using magnets themselves do not heal or cure, rather using magnetic energy provides the body with the necessary ingredients it needs to repair itself. We live on a big magnet called the earth and every individual on the earth has been exposed to and has benefited from the earth's natural magnetic energy fields. It's healthy and necessary to sustain life on earth.


    Q: So then, what is a magnetic field?

    A: Through scientific studies, and many articles containing research, scientists have learned much about magnetic fields. As mentioned above, it is a scientific fact the world is surrounded by magnetic fields. The earth's magnetism and solar storms generate some, and changes in the weather generate magnetic fields. Every day, electrical devices, motors, televisions, office equipment, computers, microwave ovens, electrical wiring in homes and the power lines that supply them also create alternating current electromagnetic fields. Even the human body produces magnetic fields that are generated by the chemical reaction within cells and the ionic currents of the nervous system. Noted researchers, including the U.S. Surgeon General warns of the harmful effects of the "Electric Smog" from televisions, radio, radar, electric blankets, waterbed heaters, household appliances, power lines and other sources. Because of the possible perils from alternating current Electro magnetic fields, (such as those mentioned above), more research needs to be done. 


    Q: What are the side effects from Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome?

    A: These ailments include stiffness of the shoulders, neck and back problems, chest discomfort, discomfort and heaviness in the head, dizziness, insomnia, habitual constipation, and general fatigue.


    Q: What is the history of using Magnets for health?

    A: Magnets for health have been used for hundred of years. The oldest known usage of magnetic powers are traced to Africa, where an African bloodstone, magnetite mine, more than 100,000 years old, has been found. The magnetite was ground up and used in potions, foods, and topical applications. Ancient Greece, Hebrews, Arabs, Indians, Egyptians, and Chinese civilizations have all used natural magnets for health.  Unlike using prescription drugs, magnets are non-invasive and will not harm you. Many common ailments can be alleviated or eased without drugs by using health magnets. More and more reports and research is being written, along with testimonials that testify of these health benefits. Some medical specialists, who have received testimonials of people being helped by magnets, are including professional athletes, movie stars, politicians, and CEO's of Corporations, in their "helped" files. And, whether or not doctors can agree on a magnets effectiveness, people who get positive results by using health magnets swear by them!

    On an individual level, everyone, regardless of age, experiences one or a  combination of all of the following: headaches, stress, fatigue, anxiety and/or energy problems. Health magnets have become a viable solution to  many of these common problems. Consider and compute thatů
    • 7 out of 10 people have back and/or neck problems.

    • 7 out of 10 people have asthma and/or bronchitis and/or other respiratory problems.

    • 7 out of 10 people have allergies and/or sinus problems.

    • 7 out 0f 10 people have chronic discomfort, depression, chronic fatigue and/or any one of a thousand other discomforts or health problems.

    • 7 out of 10 people have sleep disorders.

    How motivated would any person be to obtain a viable solution to any of these serious problems? The reality is this, everyone has some health problem, and many have a combination of these health problems. And now there is something new in the preventative health and wellness field. The health care industry in the United States alone is estimated to be worth well over one trillion dollars in 1996. Only 10% of those dollars are being spent on preventative or alternative modalities. However, society as a whole is seeking complementary or alternative solutions right now!

    People around the world are now beginning to rediscover the benefits of using magnets for health.


    Q: How can I get a health magnet?

    A: If you are interested in more info, call my friend Valerie at 208-635-5563.  Please tell her that Brenda High referred you (which might get me some free magnetic products).


Sonja's story:
"In the summer of 98, I was diagnosed with a hyper-thyroid at the age of 19.  After a struggle with always being too warm and feeling embarrassed about sweating through my shirts, the doctor had me take a blood test before mentioning what he suspected was the problem. He gave me options of taking pills to slow my thyroid down and maybe it would be better in a year or two, or, a more aggressive treatment was to kill my thyroid with a shot and take pills for the rest of my life.  ...Killing something because it doesn't work the way it should is not an option to me!  I didn't like taking pills either. I reluctantly took them, but only half the dose I was told."
After a week, I decided to experiment with a small round magnet because I wanted to get better, not treat myself with pills for life.  I took the magnet to a bead shop where a guy helped me to make a choker to wear. He punched holes in each side of the magnet and I added some beads to make it pretty and I wore it full time. 
    My symptoms disappeared quickly and were entirely gone within one month.  I got another blood test which revealed a hypo-thyroid, the complete opposite as my first diagnoses.  I stopped taking the half-dose of pills and got a blood test another month down the road and my thyroid was normal.  The doctor was shocked, having never seen such a case where a thyroid had stabilized within two months, and was especially interested in the fact that it was the magnets that helped.   Now, a few years later, I still ware my "magnet choker" off and on, as well as a gold magnet necklace that I bought.  I have had 2 tests over the past 5 years and both were normal."

    Sonja is my daughter.  She is a now an internationally award winning photographer, and a busy homemaker taking care of my two sweet grandsons.      ~Brenda




"I went on a diet for

two weeks and all

I lost was 14 days"


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"One man awake, awakens another.

The second awakens

his next door brother.


The three awake can rouse a town,

By turning the whole place

upside down.


The many awake can make such a fuss,

It finally awakens the rest of us.

One man up with dawn in his eyes,

Surely then multiplies."


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