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"My son is 11 years old and in elementary school. He is a sweet loving boy who has since been taken away by the effects of depression and near suicide. It was through Jaredstory.com that he is still with us today. I had seen a segment on our local news that mentioned Bully Police USA and decided to check it out in the hopes that it would make a difference for my son. Well after looking over the site and reading Jaredsstory I went up to check on him. When he wouldn't wake up we discovered he tried to committ suicide. He was hospitalized.  It was Jared's Story that saved him. Had I not read it that night I wouldnt have gone to check on him again out of gratitude that he was with us still and he would not be here today. You don't know how much I thank you for your courage to come forward. He is now home and while he is still struggling he is able to voice to me that he does see things getting better. He is happy to know that he is not the only kid this is happening to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my son's life."  A grateful MOM

"I was on your website because I almost did it yesterday. Almost. It actually saved me." A young girl

"I just wanted to thank you for saving my life.  You saved my life because you put all of those story, I read them, and I say the ending where it said a lot of people love you and you probably don't know it.  That is when I thought for a moment, a lot of people do love me, and I don't want to hurt anyone.  I am 12 years old and I need help and I got help but it didn't help, I say that Story on Jared and I read it and it really changed my mind. (http://www.jaredstory.com/jareds_life.html)  Thank you so much.  P.S.  When I read that about your sons life he sounded like he was the best-friend/son anyone could ever have.  And thank you for putting your sons story on the net becasue if it wasn't there I wouldn't be here.  THANKS"  Brittiny

"I read ur story about ur son. im sry to hear. I tried killing myself today cause my girl has to go away. but when i did it i didn't do it right. But then my mom would suffer and all my friends and family. It wouldn't be fair to them. So after reading ur sons story i thought about was it really worth it and i thought no i have more to look forward.to. I'm really glad I read your story cause I don't know if I would be alive to write u this right now.   I thank u so much."  Bryan

"i just got through helping my bestest friend she wanted to comit suicide and if i wouldnt of gone to a coucelor at school she wouldnt of been here today im 14 years old and i go to xxxxx xxxxx middle school... i was looking through websites and i found this one and it helped me alot to help me help my friend and i want to thank you alot because i lost a family member through suicide and its really hard and i just want to say thank you alot"  Kimberly

"I re-found your page tonight, when I was going through some of my old book marks. And as I looked at your page again, I remembered the way I felt when i first looked at it, and how it helped me.  Since the last time I emailed you, my life has changed dramatically.  I took your advice and read The Aladdin Factor.  I also told my parents about what I had been doing (cutting my self and having suicidal thoughts). I think just telling them took alot of pressure off of me, and helped tremendously.  I also made the desicion that I did not want to live like I had been living--- holding all my anger inside and letting it rule my life.  I took charge of my life again and I started doing the things I used to-- playing my guitar, hanging out with friends, being involved in school activities again-- all things that I quit when I became so depressed.   Although I battled with my depression, and at times still do, I believe myself to have gotten better. There are times when I still feel the anger, the fear and the saddess that i had when I was depressed, but I have learned to pull them out and battle them in better ways (instead of cutting myself).  I'll write poems like i used to, and make them into songs and what not. My life has done almost a total 360 since this time a year ago, and i'm glad it has. And it's due alot to you and your website and others like it.  If i had not asked for what I wanted, Help, I may have allowed myself to get worse and worse into my depression, and probably would be six foot under the ground right now instead of writing this email to you. So, truely, thank you Ma'am."   Emily

"...I just wanted to let you know that. I'm thankful for your site, and will continue to visit it. I struggle myself with bad thoughts sometimes, and this site made me get a grasp on what is actually good in the world and ways to daily make it better. by being kind to others, and finding meaning with those that are around me already..and most importantly being grateful for all I have. I thank you, for giving me a positive and hopeful day in my life. I pray that the Lord watches over you and your family and continues to keep you strong. God Bless,take care,"   Tara

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful page you have...  I ran across your page at the beginning of last year, for one basic reason.  As a 16 year old dealing with the loss of two close people to me, I was ready to give up on my life but something led me to come research some things first, so I did.  Thank God I did, because I am still here today.  I ran across your page again today and I thought I would email you and tell you that you have unknowingly reached people's lives.  And I think that's really awesome...  I just wanted you to know that you are doing so many good things... Thank you."   Megan 

"Thanks Brenda. And i know you are right. I am glad you understand and i am glad im not alone. I still have a sore heart but it still beats as it did before. Time heals all as dose knowing youre not alone. Upon reading your letter i realised i never forgave my mom, so i went to oak creek cemetary and did just that. My heart felt lifted of so much. That was the key  i missed, one short of letting myself free. A wieght i was unaware of has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you siceraly...."  Renne

"I was searching the internet for any useful information and i came across this site.  ...I never knew Jared and I feel as though i have a connection.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I am only 16, and already i have attempted to commit suicide.  I tried to overdose on pills, which put me in the hospital, and the phyciatric ward.  It was a horrible experience, and i learned from my mistake, but it is stories like this, that make me realize how precious ones life truly is....and i thank you for being one of the people to help me realize that, i hope u know how special you are"  Heather

"hello, I have just read you web page and wanted to say thank you. My 67 year old mother  just survived her 4th suicide attempt in the last 6 years, and in a time of complete confusion and a touch of anger and many other emotions, reading this page really got me focused and for that I am GRATEFUL Thanks again!"  Wylie

"I want to thank you for your wonderful website.  I just found it and it has helped me in a few different ways.  I lost my boyfriend to suicide when I was 18, he was 20.  ...since my boyfriend's death I have suffered from severe depression and had other struggles.  I have done a lot of healing over the years but of course still miss him.  The part of your website "WHERE DO THOSE WHO DIE BY SUICIDE GO?" (http://www.jaredstory.com/suicide_and_death4.html), was perfect!!  I have asked pastors, preachers, chaplains... and no one has given me a good answer.  I've even heard some say things about hell, which is completely ridiculous to me.  I have been confused for all this time and your website has given me some peace about that subject.  Thank you so much!!" Christy

"I wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your son with all of us.  I lost my father to suicide and I found answers to some of my questions in your words.  ...My faith in a loving Heavenly Father is strong, but no one ever expressed to me what you shared in your article " Where do those who commit suicide go?"  It brought a strenth into my life and tears to my eyes.  Thankyou!"  S.C.

"Thank you for the website.  My son Jeremy died by suicide in May 1999, and I desparately needed to know that he went to Heaven, and had even asked some of my more religious friends to find some scriptures for me to read.  Unfortunately, no one had come through, but I happened upon your web page and had to thank you.  My grief is still overwhelming, but each time I read something like your web page, I heal a little more.  My prayers go out to you and your family."   Liz

"hey, i'm doing quite well now, ...i've found that i have many things to live for and suicide is a very selfish way out when times get tough,  i'm getting closer to friends and family and i think i'm going to see my dad this summer for the first time in two years.  thank you for everything you did and all your advice, i love you for what you've done and i look up to you for how much you inspire people,...  ps. my life is one you helped save, and i can never repay you enough!" (What a way to make my day!)   Danielle

"I've been suicidal for five years. I've attempted it three times. My family found out that I was suicidal two years ago, and got me counseling, but my counselor was clue less so I just pretended that I was fine.  I now go to a different therapist and I am currently trying different medications to see which ones work for me.  It is so hard to get over depression and I was thinking of killing myself today, (one of the reasons that I stayed home from school) but I found this story in my favorites and really started looking through it.  I know now that if I died that so many people would grieve. Including my family, friends and my wonderful fiancee. I wanted to thank you.  There are no real words to really describe how I feel, I just know that I have to look for the good everyday. ...BULLYING IS NOT RIGHT and something has to be done.  People will learn that bullies never win...  Thank you for letting people know that suicide doesn't solve problems it creates them.  Thank you for the wonderful site. ...P.S. I believe that 'Brutus' will get his karma back to him. Treat others the way you want to be treated." (...I'm glad that you are doing better and getting some proper medication.  One of my older children is diabetic and has to take insulin. If he takes too much he gets "low" blood sugar and if he doesn't take enough he gets "high" blood sugar.  It has to be just right for him to feel good...  It's the same with depression, it needs to be "tweaked" just right so you can feel good. ...Jared never was the same after that assault.  ...With the shootings taking place in the schools lately, more and more people are beginning to see what bullying will do to the victims.  In our son's case, he didn't have a hateful bone in his body towards others, he just got depressed and took his depression out on himself. ... I'm glad I have helped you to think about how others would be wounded by your choice to die.  Life is worth fighting for!)    "Star".


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