Don't Tread On Me!

By a former, lonely, Television Newsman - Thom Spencer, at a Patriot's Rally, Nov. 18, 2000

First, you are not crazy.  And you are not alone.  Until this week, I did not know that the body literally can shake with rage.  My fists clench as four words echo in my soul:  Don't tread on me.

I work in Television news.  I have for almost 20 years, as a reporter, anchor, news director and weatherman.  I qualify as a minority of Hispanic origin.  I am a son of immigrants, both legal and illegal.

However, from this time forth, I claim one title only.  I am an American.

Yes, I am conservative.  There are things I wish to conserve; my family, my values, my property, my rights, my faith and my freedom.  Until now, I've meticulously avoided letting the general public know where I stand to avoid the appearance of bias.  Now, too much is at stake.  There are more important things than jobs and security.  There is duty and honor and country.

My coworkers know I am conservative.  For twenty years I've tolerated the self-righteous liberals who sneer at our love for our country and her Constitution and her God.  As letters from local citizens roll into newsrooms, they're read on air through thinly-veiled sneers.  When the cameras and microphones are off, I have heard those citizens called Klansmen.  I've routinely tolerated such nonsense, but recently objected aloud.  The response?  "The truth hurts."  Then say it with your microphone turned on.  Tell the people of the Tri-Cities, of Yakima, of Washington and Oregon.  Tell them you rank them with the KKK.

Since election night, I've not been silent.  I've been writing letters, making phone calls, talking to anyone who will listen about this power-grab by soulless attorneys, this outright theft of a presidential election.  Even our local Republican leaders appeared bored with my appeals.

(Any elected here?  One?  Good, because we had forgotten they're not in charge anyway.  We, the people are in charge!)

While I argued with those local leaders for a stand, most told me to let it go.  Start thinking about four years from now.  I told them, if you do not stand up, if you do not speak out, we will find braver men and women who will rise up and take your place, your offices.

My family, friends and sympathetic coworkers are fearful.  I've been told my passion and purpose and patriotism will draw "their" attention.  "They" will audit me.  "They" will go after my job.  "They" will get me.  They can go to hell.

Like many, if not all of you, I'm making my stand.  I pledge my honor, my fortune and my life to the protection and preservation of the rule of law  and to the Constitution of the United States.  Don't tread on me.

Now, will you give me just one moment to speak directly to my colleagues in the media?  They're convinced right now I've lost my mind, or at the least, my job.

These people are not going away.  This is not another rally that's all thunder and no rain.  These people have a cause worth dying for, and more important, worth living for.  They will go from here and call and rally friends and family.  They will go wherever they're needed and do whatever is necessary.

They and millions like them will peacefully assemble around courthouses and capitols and will look into the eyes of judges and lawyers and cowardly reporters and take back our country.

There's the story you must tell.  It's a story told in the eyes of these people gathered here today.  Look at them.  Record it.  Witness the spark of American Revolution born again.  Have the courage to send it out to this community and to others.  And if you do not, it matters not.  Because the same story will break out in towns and counties and states across America.  We are back.  The giant is awake.

Tell Mister Gore that we know you are not trying to steal an election from George Bush, you are trying to steal it from us.  Don't tread on me!

Pray for our country.  God Bless the United States.

Thom Spencer is no longer working in Television.  He is now privately employed.

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