Our Side - Amount - $140,000

Here are some details from the Settlement.

From the settlement of $140,000, our Attorney's received: 1/3

Some may feel this is too much, but I say this was not enough for our attorney's.  Together, (Bruce Gore and Jay Leipham), they put approximately $170,000 of time in for our case, if we had been paying by the hour, (at approximately $350.00 an hour).  Unfortunately, they were not paid what they were worth.

The Lawsuit costs: about 1/3 of the Settlement

NOTE:  Although we had attempted to find an attorney to represent Jared before he died, it wasn't until Jared took his life that we were able to obtain a lawyer. Lawyers seem to be naturally afraid of School Districts - maybe they find it hard to take on such a large bureaucracy, or maybe they don't feel a bullied child is worth their time unless the parents are rich enough to pay them well.  But, parents who are wealthy rarely have to hire attorneys for their children in a bullying matter.  Schools know better than allow a rich child to be bullied. They (schools) wouldn't want to offend their biggest contributor or Bond or Levy Cheerleaders.
Our first visit to Richter-Wimberley Law Firm in Spokane Washington was in October 1998, less than a month after Jared died.  Over the last 4 years there have been costs for various expenses, including, interrogatories, taking depositions, phone costs, mailing costs, flights, meals, and hotels.  Our law firm has been financially tight and careful with every penny spent, after all, they paid the upfront costs, as we only subsidized with a small monthly payment.  Over the 4 years, those out of pocket payments for us totaled almost $12,000.

Our end amount of the settlement: a little over 1/3 of the Settlement

When all is said and done, we can't and will not complain about the money we receive in closing this lawsuit against the Pasco School District.  With this settlement, we won our case.  My husband is happy it's over and I believe I will come to terms with it's finality.  We can now go on healing our lives from losing our son, Jared.  We won't have to go through the stress of a trial, nor watch our friends sit nervously testifying in a trial, as no one can be comfortable doing that.  And, most of all, we won't have to worry about appeals, and more strain on our wallets trying to get the School District to take responsibility for what they did to our son.

Their Side - What it cost the Pasco School District - Your tax dollars at work.

I'll only be able to do some guesswork, but here is my estimate:

$140,000 to settle the case with us, plus,
$200,000 for two attorneys on the clock, paid by their time spent on the case, plus,
$ 75,000 for expenses (see above).
$415,000 total estimate.

This is a low estimate, as school districts are run by a government type mentality with tax dollars.  Remember how much it cost for a hammer at the Pentagon?  As a former member of the Pasco School Board, I have seen a lot of wasted spending within this district, and I'm sure it's much the same with all school districts.




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HEAR JARED'S VOICE - PLAY - From an interview with Pasco School District investigators concerning the assault.  This is a recording of a recording and it isn't real clear, but worth the download effort.  Jared had a real mellow voice.   Note: If you have a slow load wav, wait for it to load entirely and then play again from the start.   5 minutes long


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