...Presentations that will NEVER be forgotten

Brenda High - Washington - Jared's Mom
Founder, Bully Police USA; Co-Director, Bully Police USA

Websites: www.BrendaHigh.com, www.jaredstory.com, www.bullypolice.org, www.bullycide.org

Contact at 509-547-1052 (PST)
Fighting the System - Jared’s Story
"The scars never go away"  - Looking back, Looking forward   (10 Steps to Stop Bullying)
Judging the Methods of Suicide

Kevin & Tammy Epling, Michigan - Matt's Parents
Kevin - Bully Police USA Co-Director - Contact Kevin at 517-290-5492 (EST)
Hazing: Another Form Of Bullying - Matt’s Story

www.KevinEpling.com - KEpling@gmail.com
“Rite of Passage" - A Personal How-To Guide To Effecting Change

Debra Johnston - Texas - Jeff's Mom
Bully Police USA Legislative Liaison - Contact Debra at 972-371-8628 (CST)
Death by Computer - Jeffrey’s Story
"Sixth out of Seven, Number-One Son, Right-hand Man" 

Judy Kuczynski - Oklahoma - Tina's Mom
President, Bully Police USA - www.BullyPolice.org - Contact Judy at 612-325-4859 (CST) 
Foreword  -  Shame and Blame–The Code of Silence


Adrianna Sgarlata Hill - Virginia
Bully Police Media Spokeswoman; Former Miss Virginia 2006 - Contact Adrianna at 540-293-9532 (EST)


The New Wave: A Warning about Cyberbullying


Robin Todd - Arizona
Director, Bully Police Arizona - Bullycide in America, Book Project Advisor

Contact Robin at 480-580-5070 (PST/MST)
Bullycide Awareness Day:  The Proclamation