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INFORMATION - ORGANIZATIONS - PROJECTS - It contains a directory of suicide and crisis support services in over 40 countries, information on support by e-mail, and translations into 8 languages. The Assistant Manager can be contacted at email address:

Healing From Within: Communities on the Move,  American Indian / Alaska Native Community Suicide Prevention, Minneapolis MN.   For more information, contact Hershal at

The Office of the U.S. Surgeon General- The National Suicide Prevention Strategy is a public-private collaboration of non-governmental Organizations, federal and state governmental agencies, corportations and foundations, and health experts, spearheaded by agencies within the U. S. Department of Health and Human Survice and the U. S. Surgeon General.  For more information, go to  Email:  Also, check the website for a copy of a speech by former Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher, called "The Call to Action".   Dr Satcher has a strong message concerning prevention and 15 steps for immediate action on suicide.

THE SUN CAN SHINE AGAIN by Orrie Snyder, R.N. - The story of a young man's struggle with the torment of a Bi-polar illness which led to his ultimate suicide. A mother brings the reader through the pain and consequences of his illness to the grace of God's abiding love. Send $17.00 to Orrie Snyder, P.O. Box 214463, Sacramento, CA. 95821 (Friends For Survival receives $5.00 for each book sold)

Comforting Friends - A monthly publication by Friends For Survival, Inc., is an excellent newsletter to give a donation to. They send out a total of 3100 newsletters each month and publish two editions, one to Northern California and one for the rest of the U. S., plus letters go to Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Ireland.  Send donations to: P.O. Box 214463, Sacramento, CA. 95821 or call (916) 392-0664.

BEREAVEMENT MAGAZINE makes a thoughtful and affordable gift for someone who enjoys stories, articles and poems from the bereaved themselves. There are also regular articles written by professionals. Call (888) 604-4673 or (719) 266-0006 for information and cost.

If you are aware of any other support group links, grief, bereavement or memorial pages, helpful articles or any other survivors of suicide resources and Announcements, I'll gladly consider adding them to this page.

Get a free e-book, Suicide, The Forever Decision, by Paul Quinett, Ph.D.  Go to to download.
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