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    Submitted to Both Denver Colorado Newspapers

    This letter to the editor was submitted a few months after the shooting at Columbine, 1999.  To my knowledge, it was never published.  In light of Greg Barnes death by suicide, it was submitted again, hoping it will be taken more seriously the second time around.

    Dear Editor,

    What happened at Columbine High School has affected the whole nation, and at our home, a wound opened again. Our family lost a son to Suicide on September 29th, 1998.  He was the victim of an assault inside his middle school, which caused him emotional, mental and physical problems until he decided he didn't want to live anymore.

    So why did this open our wounds? First, two young teenagers killed other teenagers and then died by suicide. Our family could feel the sorrow of all the parents who lost their children. Death is hard to survive and heal from, but having a child who kills others before himself must be a horrible pain for parents to bare. Second, we could see into the future for all the victims of Columbine High, (which includes, students, parents, emergency workers and others who were physically and emotionally traumatized). We knew that death would not stop on that day.

    Statistics show that when a tragic or traumatic event happens in a community the suicide rate climbs. Two examples would be a) The Oklahoma Bombings - Suicide rates were "triggered" by that very bloody event and in the aftermath many have died, including a fireman, from the stress of that trauma. b) The hurricane and flooding recently on the Eastern coast. Several suicides were reported, including one from a government worker who had worked long hours trying to help victims of the flooding.

    We heard on the news recently that a mother of one of the shooting victims tragically took her life and now a student at Columbine High School has done the same.  This will not be the last suicide triggered from the Columbine shooting, unless members of the community come together to watch for the signs of depression which lead to suicide.

    Trigger events are:

      1. A death of a family member or close friend.
      2. An assault, car accident or painful physical or emotional event.
      3. Marriage breakup or love lost suddenly.
      4. Constant physical or emotional pain that goes on for a length of time.
      5. Major financial setback.
      6. Something "embarrassing" happens.
      7. Failing an important exam at school.
      8. A best friend moves out of town.

    There are many "triggers" that can lead to suicide but the triggers themselves rarely cause immediate concern because people don't think about what those events can lead to.

    This letter is not meant to be a dissertation on suicide, but it is meant to be a warning, because after the triggers may come depression, and untreated depression is the number one cause of suicide. For more information about the signs of depression and suicide please visit my web page at:

    Don't believe that it can't happen to you.  That's what the last survivor of suicide believed. Now, one of those survivors cares enough to help prevent you and your community from going through the same thing.

    Brenda High,   Jared's mom


  • For Survivors of Suicide call  -  1-800-646-7322
  • The Hope Line Network - 1800 SUICIDE (784-2433)
  • If thinking of suicide call: 1-800-999-9999 NOW or call Samaritan's Suicide Hotline at 212-673-3000 or look up a local phone number in Suicide Hotlines and  PLEASE CALL NOW!
  • Get a free e-book, Suicide, The Forever Decision, by Paul Quinett, Ph.D.  Go to to download.
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