If you are doing research or are just genuinely curious about what's on JaredStory.com, this page will be very helpful.  In the four sections below, are websites that I have visited and feel that the webmaster has good information to share.  I would like to make a disclaimer, however, that I won't endorse the content of any website.  Judge for yourself, take good knowledge in and let the rest go.


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Bullycide in America

Many have asked,

"What is Depression?"


Here is a PDF of a chapter

from my book,

"Bullycide in America",

that will give readers an

understanding of this

horrible problem

facing millions of

people every day.





This recording is from an

interview with Pasco School

 District investigators

 concerning the assault on

Jared High.  This is a

recording of a recording

and it isn't real clear,

but worth the download

effort.  Jared had a real

mellow voice.  Note:

If you have a slow load wav,

wait for it to load entirely

and then play from the start.

About 5 minutes long

About Depression

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