Here are some emails from Students, Survivors and 
Parents enduring Bullying in their schools... 

Wounded and Hurt Kids talk about Bullying

"...i went to a counselor and to the principal, both. They told me they were going to take care of it but they did nothing except give the students a little slap on the wrist. I went through a lot and I had to deal with it on my own, no matter how many times I asked for help. It kept getting worse and there were times when I wanted to kill myself. Schools are supposed to protect their students and make them feel safe. I feel like my school did neither. ...They didn't even try to help me.  There were a lot of people like me. And I know one kid who had it worse than I. But no one tried to help him either. The tormenting went on even after we graduated high school. I feel like that was because the school did nothing to stop them from doing this to him.  He killed himself yesterday.

Kingston Jr. High - Washington - "Right now in our school we feel harassment is so bad that we are setting up our own group and putting it in the students hands."
Center Middle School - Ohio - "i got a girlsuspended, cause see was going to beat me up, and a few days later i found out that her friends were writing a note and signing it with my name and were going to get me suspended. Like a week after that my best friend told me that tia(the girl that want to kill me) was going to take me off school grounds and beat the living daylights out of me and she got me freak out. I am sucidal and she isnt helping me. I pressed charges against her, but i don't think it will help my life at all."
Tupelo High School -  Mississippi - "i just want to die.. i can't tell anybody.. i am too scared"
"I hate bully's, but I've learned to use my hands now, they fear me." (This is a child who could lash out at others if pushed)

West Islip High School - New York - "Because the girl was bullying me My mom told her mom.  Well things got so much worse. ...I was threatened and I was afraid if I reprted it that it woud get so much worse on Mon.  They set up a fight after school. ...Stupid me went off school grounds andended up in a figt.  I hit the girl a couple of times in the head with my gym lock.  I didn't know what to do.  There was a lot f blood.  The cops came,  - I was brought hme by the police but the girl and her bf got away. The school is open and won';t even deal with the fact that a kid from another district got in.  ...That was in April.  It's August and I have to go back in a few weeks.  They were never punished.  It's going to continue.  I geth threats.  It is just so hard to prove anything.  She is really good at covering her tracks and doing things when no one is around.  I'm 14 and this happened this past year in 9th grade."
"I am a lesbian and I have gotten harassed by many people."

"i have been picked on since grade 2.  I could always hear people laughing at me. i would usally come home crying and all my mom would do would say when u get to high school everything will be much better. during public school i got teased by teachers, and students it lowered my self esteem so much that i just wanted to die but what keeps me going our my dreams! in the future i hope that i can help people with their own problems and keep them from commiting suicide and to help boost their self esteem. i hope some tim in the near future that no one has to deal with bullies and the torment that comes with them."
"I myself have been harassed at every school i go to in different states and actually tried committing suicide from it.  everyday i walk home and i have guys throwing rocks at me and saying awful things to where i want to crawl up and die.  i just hope we can find a way to help stop it.  im sick of seeing people hurt.  if nobody does anything about it it'll only get worse"

"For the past three years i have gotten bullied alot. The school has done nothing to stop it. They have had meetings with the kids that are doing the bullying and of course while they have the kids there they say "oh we will stop" but thats when it gets worse. I started in the high school this year. And it seems to have gotten worse. Im getting picked on very single day. I have missed so much school to. Because i have stress. Depression. Anxiety. And all that kind of stuff. The schools seems not to realize that the bullying it just adding more stress on to me and its stopping me from getting an education. I cant take much more of this... I cant take much more of anything. I told my school they said i have emotional problems and i have to deal with them. and forget everything that is happening to me. Well i cant anymore.. Im at the point i cry my self to sleep at night. that im scared to walk alone in the hall ways of school. And the point where im cutting myself because of the pain. and i don't want to deal with that pain. Please help me!"  tiffani

"I was harassed in public school from grade 3 to grade 8 and I still hear people teasing me every once in a while"

"A small portion of the skin on the knuckle of my left index finger was burned off, in the middle of my Latin class, by a student who was convinced that I was a "queer". He had ripped the cover off of a camera, and he pressed it into my hand and charged up the flash; the extreme heat left several large holes in my knuckle. The Latin teacher did absolutely nothing upon notification; the bullies, all seven of them, were called down to guidance and given a stern talking-to and finger-wagging session; my mother responded with casual difference, and my father blamed me for creating an environment favorable to have myself victimized. The main bully was given the least punishment, I believe, because his father is a very wealthy and very prominent local doctor. I have contacted the school several times in regards to harassment, and I am beginning to take up a more defensive stance for other students who are being mistreated."

"I have told principals and counselor and the most has been done is that they have been kicked off the bus for 1 day... This just made matters worse... I can't even walk down the halls without someone yelling vulgar language at me."

"I hope that I will be able to withstand these hurtful feelings."

"school sucks"   "people suck"

"i have been harassed since kindergarten because i am over weight.  i finally got out of my school"

"Well now i am out of school because the harassment was so bad but now every thing is better but i would like to punish the teens that were doing this to me! thanx byebye"

"i'm 17 y/o. and have always been "different," a little effeminate, gay, school pariah since middle school, quiet, but had some friends in elementary. i changed, once my "differences" started to matter to other classmates. i was called names every day, locker vandalized sometimes, beaten to chants of "kill the queer," anything i say or do mocked, so i no longer say anything there and move as little as possible in classes. would like to be invisible there...  along with stopping bullying behavior, we have to teach kids that - no matter what other's will think - stand up for the kid who gets beaten up, mocked, pissed on, isolated. sit by the kid who eats alone. say hi. inquire about his/her day. include everyone. why is that so hard for kids? how many suicides and school shootings will it take before they learn that the consequences of not doing that are devastating?"

"when i was in seventh grade (i am now a junior in college) i was harassed daily by people who had previously been my friends.  i won't go into specifics because it hurts less to think about it now, but it was the worst time of my life.  the memories and hurt followed me all of my life, and i had considered suicide too numerous of times to count.  ...looking back, i know that so many of my problems began back in school, and it breaks my heart to think that other kids might be going through those same experiences i was.  i didn't include my school name because i still struggle to leave behind the painful memories sometimes, but i just wanted to write and tell you that i hope you can reach as many young people as possible..."

"i think that this is a big problem! i have become very depressed since all of my experiacnes.  i have attempted suicicde a few times and have not recived any help. when i told my mom about the bullying she said just ignore it. that DOESN'T HELP IT AT ALL!!!!!"

Wounded and Hurt Survivors talk about Bullying
"I was a victim of bullying at school and turned to self harm and suidice as a way of releasing my pain and anger .When I got through, I began to speak to the media about my experiences , and I would like to share with you a couple of articles .  The first was written for BBC (UK ) and aired on BBC Radio One , as part of a mental health week. 

" I was being bullied a lot at school. People used to call me fat and spit on me and throw things at me. I used to bite back so they used to enjoy it even more. But then I couldn't take anymore and I took an overdose. When that didn't work, I started cutting my wrists, and then cutting my arms. That was how it began for me.   I could just get really upset after a day at school. I'd slash all up my arms. I used to feel angry with myself, because I was punishing myself. I was angry with the whole world.  When I used to cut myself I used to feel really confused and there were lots of thoughts going through my head. I'd say out loud what people were saying to me and then cut myself. But then it didn't achieve anything because people at school found out I was cutting myself. That led on to me taking more overdoses and standing at train platforms thinking I could just jump off.  I was so confused. Every day was just the same. And I thought what's the point? Self-harm was a new way of coping with my feelings, but I didn't really cope with them very well.  I live with my dad - when my dad found out he was really upset and I felt bad for upsetting him. My brother used to help me out loads.  I went to my GP and he said he was going to refer me to someone. I took my fourth overdose at school. My friend told one of my teachers who referred me to someone at school - they referred me to the same place as the doctor.  I ended up going to a child and adolescent psychiatrist. I saw a really nice lady. It was quite good talking through things.  I think I'm coping a lot better to what I was two or three years ago, but it's still a really slow process and I just have to take one day at a time. You're never going to be completely recovered, but you just have to stop yourself. There is help out there and it's not the end of the word, because you can get help " 

The second was written for BBC Online (UK) . 

When coping means cutting, BBC , August 2003

Sam Hunt, from Birmingham, is 17. When she was severely bullied at school, she regularly cut herself with a knife - and took repeated overdoses. Doctors say the number of people coming to A&E units with self-harm injuries is on the rise. Sam now talks to other young people about self-harm and how to cope with it. She wrote her disturbing story for BBC News Online and explained how she broke the self-harm habit.  When I first began senior school, I found myself alone for the first time in two years, with no friends and only myself to depend on. I thought that there would be so many people on their own like me and that it would be easy to make new friends. How wrong I was. I tried so hard, but it just didn't seem to work. I sat alone in many of my lessons. At a size 12 to 14, and being taller than my peers, I realised I was developing quicker than them. At first I wasn't bothered. Then, as I walked the corridors, people began shouting 'fatty' at me and making fun of basically everything. One small childish comment changed my whole life: 'You smell'. It stuck and soon people were avoiding me in the corridors. I went home every night and scrubbed myself in the shower until my skin was red. Overdose The angrier I got, the more they enjoyed watching me. I was getting on the bus in the morning thinking I was going to throw up from fear.   I went home every night and scrubbed myself in the shower until my skin was red.

One November it became so hard for me that I gave in and took an overdose of painkillers. 'Good - that will make them sorry', I thought before I drifted to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I decided not to tell anyone, faking illness as a cover up. But I really did want to die. My dad and the school found out about the overdose, and a few weeks later, as I sat in my bedroom, I suddenly became so angry that I grabbed a razor and began slicing at my wrists. I hacked away for a long time before I realised that it made me feel better cutting at myself - so I moved the razor up my arm and cut there. In a way, I saw what I was doing to my body as an art - I enjoyed watching the blood and seeing what patterns I could make. Cover-up Soon I was cutting myself so often it became habit. For every person that hurt me I cut myself a little more. I would say their names aloud. Then cut. I was careful to cover it up, although looking back, I think that people knew but just didn't say anything. Once, I had my wrists right through to my elbows bandaged.   In a way, I saw what I was doing to my body as an art - I enjoyed watching the blood and seeing what patterns I could make.

I took four more overdoses, each time, more desperate, I pushed up the amount I was taking, regardless of the damage I was probably doing to my body. On the fourth occasion, I was at home alone - I just sat there thinking. I was involved at the time with Children's Express - a journalism project aimed at eight to 18 year olds. When someone from the project rang that evening, he tried to calm me down, and for the first time, I cried about the whole situation. 'I don't want to die,' I sobbed down the line. That night, I wanted to change. Low point I was referred to both a counselor at school, and to a child psychiatrist. I hated everything about the psychiatrist, but the counselor helped me. But I still found myself slipping deeper and deeper into depression. I just drew far away from any kind of relationship with anyone. I cut myself nearly every day, in the toilets at school, at home, anywhere I could.   Sometimes I pulled my school tie around my neck until my lips turned blue.  Other girls with similar problems approached me. One, who I'll call Rachael, was also bullied, and cut herself. We became friends. Some mornings she came in with blood all over her wrists, and she hardly ever ate. In the end, I experienced the same attitude that many people have about self-harmers: 'They can't be helped'. There seemed to be nothing that I could do. Turning around I continued to self-harm, finding new ways, as cutting didn't seem to have the same effect anymore. Sometimes I pulled my school tie around my neck until my lips turned blue, and I pulled scarves around my neck, holding them tight until the whole world seemed to spin. Once, I stood at a train station willing myself to jump off the platform, then climbed a high-rise block, finding a gate barring access to the roof. But finally I gave in and began to talk properly to the counselor. I began telling her what I was feeling and about the bullying. I was prescribed antidepressants, then pills for anxiety and to help me sleep. I met my mum, who I hadn't seen since I was four - and it was the biggest step that I have had to make. Breaking the cycle I hope to work as a writer one day, and I'm taking A levels and working with a mental health charity, Mind Out for Mental Health. So far , Iíve spoken to lots of the media Ė Iíve been on BBC News , written for The Guardian and appeared on GMTV as part of anti Ėbullying week and speaking out about my experiences with self harm . Being bullied was probably the hardest thing Iíve ever been through, Iíve lived in a hostel before but nothing compares to the pain of being bullied . Sometimes I do slip back in to my old habits of hurting myself Ė Itís something that was caused by bullying but that effected my entire life . I think that Iím breaking the cycle now though and Iím glad that Iím able to talk about bullying and encourage others to speak out .  Since this , there has been a spiral of ups and downs , with more medications and incidents like the ones described . However , next year I am going to study at University and I have my own website on bullying: .    Samantha Hunt , Birmingham , UK . 

"I was harassed for many years, beginning in the second to third grade stemming all the way through my freshmen year in high school.  I had cut my hair short, and many older kids teased me and would always ask, are you a girl or a boy?  Knowing well that I was female.  People would make fun of my appearance, and everything about myself.  I was an outgoing individual and loud and loved to have fun.  Every day, in the hall, on the bus, biking to the store, many groups of kids singled me out. I became depressed, suicidal, my self-esteem dropped to nothing.  I wanted to die so many times. Somehow I got through it.  ...I survived, and the healing is probably still going on, and I know it took well into my high school years to come to an understanding of what happened..."

Wounded and Hurt Parents talk about Bullying
New Jersey parent - "I want to thank you for your courage and website. I have dealt with bullying and the indifference and political maneuverings of school administrators. I have come to the conclusion that schools *perpetuate* student friction, by pitting students against one another: yearbook who's who, Homecoming, giving special privileges to certain students. The schools themselves operate on archaic tradition that desperately needs reform. I know for certain that the information on your site is valid, about bullied students who go on to kill. Where we live, NJ, I noted that two separate incident's of this, the newspaper account said that the young men were severely bullied in school. If you want to add this to your website, it would help to give strength to this valid theory. One was the murder of Kim Marie Anderson in Deptford, NJ (don! 't remember name of boy who did it, but the newspaper said he was severely abused by everyone at school) The other was in a South Jersey town - the little girl who was killed was named Crystal, can't remember more, but the killer was 'dumped on by everyone in school'. God bless you in your efforts.  My daughter has OCD and Tourette's Syndrome and is teased although both of these are very much under control.  I am about to take her out of school."

"My son will be attending High School this fall and he's worried, because the same kids that bullied him in Jr. High, will be their and he thinks they will continue to taunt and harass him.  I e-mailed the Mayor and told him everything.  He just sent a police officer to the school.     I called the police officer, because he never contacted me and he didn't think there was anything he could do.  He sounded lazy and like he didn't care.  I've heard that it's best to contact the superintendent of the school, to get anything done.  That's what I plan on doing."
"We have decided that we care about the education of our child and have chosen to home school."

"We were told by the superintendent that 'the school was not responsible for our childrens safety at school!'  My children had tailbones broken, torn tendons & ligaments. Spit on. Called every filthy name you can think of..."

"Our daughter and many of her friends all fear for their safety in this school.  Their friends who attend other schools also fear in those schools, so this is widespread. They all agree worrying about grades, courses, their future, etc. is minor compared to worrying about making it through the day alive.

"Because of the lack of interest in protecting children from being bullied I withdrew my son from school and began homeschooling him. This does not solve the ongoing problems that the school has but it does keep my son safe for now.  He was in the 7th grade when things became unbearable.  He will enroll in public school next year when he will go to high school."

"Our son has put up with physical abuse from one kid for awhile now. Only recently did we find this out because he had been punched in the back so hard he couldn't hide it.  He told us how this kid came up from behind and hit him right between the shoulder blades so hard he blacked out for a moment and he went to his knees. This kid was laughing and asking kids around him if they heard how hard he hit him.  My husband told the school if they weren't going to suspend this kid our son wasn't safe so he was taking him home. Now school officials and the police promise us our son will be safe. Supposedly, if anything happened again they would take action.  Our son wants to go back to school and face this kid. He says it would be worth taking another punch just to see if the school will suspend this bully.  This concerns me a little because our son's friend heard this bully talking about how angry he was and he was out to get him. This bully isn't new to trouble; why he's still in school I don't know.  But we're not going to sit back and let this happen.  I hate the thought of my son being put in "harms way" just to set a trap for this kid.  We can only hope this creep will be punished; what a concept!  Yes, there has always been bullying but when there's mental or physical injury involved and this is high school we're talking here, it's not "child's play" anymore, it's assault plain and simple."

"How do you help your child you see they are hurt by their classmates? My Son is an above average student and he gets   teased on an everyday basis. He cannot eat due to severe stomach cramping. He has talked to his counselor who said "you have to eat". He told me today he feels as though he is going to have a nervous breakdown. The teasing is verbal. He is called faggot.... among other things. It hurts me to no end to see my Son in so much pain everyday.  Where do I start. I can go to see his counselor but what then? If he names Students he will receive backlash in the end and Im afraid it will only get worse. He is getting depressed over this never ending situation. I just don't know how to handle this anymore."


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